September 28, 2023

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Cartoon exhibit to highlight importance of Holy Quran 

TEHRAN – Iran’s Art Bureau plans to organize an international cartoon exhibition to emphasize the profound significance of the Holy Quran.

This initiative comes as a powerful response to the recurring desecration of the sacred book, firmly standing against any form of disrespect towards the cherished beliefs of Muslims worldwide, Masud Shojaei-Tabatabai, the director of the bureau’s Visual Arts Office explained on Monday.

The primary objective of the exhibition is to provide a platform for artists to express their outrage and condemnation through their artworks, he added. 

It also serves as an opportunity to promote dialogue, raise awareness, and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Quran, he noted. 

“Cartoons could be the language of power, the global language of protest, and the language of resistance,” he said and added: “Considering the swift nature of cartoons and caricatures as a universal language, we deemed it the perfect medium for artistic creations to express their response towards the Quran burning incident.”

Artists who are passionate about this subject can submit their artistic creations to Iran Cartoon’s website at [email protected], he mentioned. 

There will be an exhibit of the selected cartoons taking place in Tehran, and for those unable to attend in person, there will also be an online version available, he added. 


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