September 24, 2023

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5 points regarding security blow to Israeli regime

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry declared on Monday that it had identified and nabbed a large terrorist group linked to Israel.

Based on the redacted information, the move gained momentum from several aspects:   

A) Blow to the network of operational elements linked to Israel: Over the last years, the intelligence and security issues with the regime have been unprecedentedly on the rise in a way that the regime has not received such a blow from Iran at this level and magnitude which is regarded as a big breakthrough for the country.     

B) Extent and geographical diversity of the network: According to the Intelligence Ministry, the network’s elements have been arrested in 6 different provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Kerman, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Kurdistan and Mazandaran, which allude to the scope of the regime’s activities inside Iran, indicating that the concentration of the Tel Aviv regime has shifted from nuclear issues to posing political and social threats.

C) Europe, hub of directing anti-security operations against Iran: The centrality and direction of the terrorist network affiliated with the Zionist regime in Europe (Denmark and the Netherlands) represents the regime’s will to exploit the political gap between Iran and Europe while trying to widen the wedge.  

Furthermore, given the Quran desecration in Sweden where the involvement the Zionist regime’s secret service is proven, it can be viewed that there is a strategic action plan by the Zionists to initiate and intensify religious-social gaps at a higher level, both in the region and at the international level.

Along with the Israeli regime’s criminal acts, the European reticence manifests their cooperation with the Israeli-orchestrated action plan. By experience, the European countries will never stop supporting such plans unless the bloc will incur proportionate costs.

D) Having a bank of targets: The mere existence of the bank of targets shows a level of operational self-confidence of the network and also a proof of the existence of a design for fomenting unrest in Iran. Given the nature of the last year’s uprising as well as the disrespect to religious sanctities, the network has tried to spell chaos and tension surrounding religious issues.

It is a kind of issue entailing acknowledgment of the existence of threats, new assessment of its new nature.

E) The number and quality of explosive devices: The provision of tools and the manufacture of 43 bombs, as well as the possibility of being remote control or being launched, all of them can show the footprints of the Zionist regime in both providing the technical know-how of producing bombs as well as the provision of ammunition and weapons to the country.

To combat with all such terrorist networks, it is a must to seriously deal with arms trafficking in its all forms.  

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