October 1, 2023

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To what extent does the Taliban play to the tune of America?

In its editorial, Kayhan addressed the recent tensions with the Taliban. It said: We will not abandon the main enemy.  The favorable opinion of America, Britain and Israel – behind the scenes of the operation room against Iran – is to destabilize the region and to push the neighboring countries in a conflict with each other, while our strategy has been friendship, cooperation and synergy between countries. 

The Islamic Republic’s preference in asserting its rights and ensuring its security is dialogue and interaction, and it has implemented this strategic model with any other government (except the illegitimate Zionist regime).  But Iran did not hesitate to discipline the aggressor where it was necessary to assert the right and to ensure security, whether it was Saddam, or terrorist groups in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor and Iraqi Koy Sanjaq and Erbil, or American and British thieves in the case of oil tankers and trespassing drones.  Our powerful forces, in most of these cases, have completed the operations with accurate and effective targeting.

The logic of deterrence is that any evil should be responded immediately and relatively.  This important mission should be strengthened by increasing intelligence and satellite and drone observations on the border of Sistan-Baluchestan and through operational defense systems.  Mutual respect is the theory of good neighborliness and if a neighbor commits malevolence or hosts evils, it will break the respect of the neighbor and will be responsible for its consequences.

Hamshahri: Taliban is the puppet

In its editorial, Hamshahri wrote about the issue of Taliban. It said: The current tensions with the Taliban have been formed outside of the group’s will. They are under the influence of political and geopolitical developments in the region.  Therefore, the Taliban is a dependent variable that has shaped these tensions by acting as a proxy.  To find the roots of these tensions, we must pay attention to the international actors in the region who are looking for tension in the region and are trying to disrupt the geopolitical order of the region.

One side of these tensions are the United States and England, and at the opposite sides of this conflict are the countries of Russia, China, and Iran.  Currently, the Americans are creating tension to disrupt the 3-nation alliance of Iran, China, and Russia, and the Taliban has the necessary component to create tension in the region.  In other words, the level of tensions and the current level of play in the region is beyond the level of the Taliban.  The main issue is that the hegemons are trying to prevent the collapse of the unipolar system and creation of a multipolar world by creating tension in the region to the detriment of Russia, China and Iran.

Ham Mihan: Sultan carries an important message

In a note, Ham Mihan discussed the Sultan of Oman’s trip to Tehran by analyzing the views of an expert. It said: “It is expected that new events will happen during this trip, and in recent months, the diplomatic communication between us and Oman on the one hand and between the Western countries and Oman on the other have shown it is a positive trend of events.”  Although the Sultanate of Oman always pursues its activity with a quiet diplomacy and communicates with others at the level of leaders, signs show that Oman has seriously launched the mediation and probably the Sultan of Oman has entered our country with new messages. A few days ago, we saw the release of an Iranian diplomat from Belgium and a Belgian citizen from Iran, and this happened with the efforts and support of the Sultanate of Oman.

Sobh-e-No: Haitham’s political moves in Tehran

In a report, Sobh-e-No discussed the Sultan of Oman’s visit and its aims. It wrote: One of the issues that can be considered during the negotiations between the Omani and Iranian authorities is the resolution of the war in Ukraine. It is for several months that Muscat has hosted meetings in this regard as Oman is trying to bring this issue to a conclusion with its mediatory role.  On the other side of the mediation of Omanis is promoting conversation with Putin and they are trying to consult in this regard.

Nuclear negotiations are perhaps the most important goals of the presence of Omanis in Tehran, because in every period of Iran’s negotiations with the American authorities, the role of the Omanis has been clearly seen, and they are exercising their mediation role well in this area without creating controversy.  Of course, in the last six months, the Sultan of Oman’s trip to Iran was postponed three times, and it seems that by releasing the Iranian diplomat captured in Belgium with one of the prisoners of this country, Oman intended to come to Tehran with an accomplished agenda and use its own initiative to bring the nuclear case to fruition with a more specific approach.

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