May 29, 2023

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“The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon” ready for Persian thespians

TEHRAN – French dramatist Eugene Labiche’s play “The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon” is for the use of Iranian thespians and theater students as its Persian edition has come to bookstores across Iran.

Jahane Ketab is the publisher of the book originally released in 1860. Abbas Agahi is the translator of the Persian edition.

In four acts, the comic play satirizes the bourgeoisie during the Second Empire of France, the country’s relatively new railway system, and France’s annexation of Nice and Savoie, both in 1860.

It follows the exploits of Mr. Perrichon, a wealthy coachbuilder, who embarks on a family vacation to the Swiss Alps. 

Joining their trip are two suitors, who challenge each other to win the hand of Perrichon’s daughter Henrietta in marriage. 

A series of falls into glacial ravines occurs, including a rescue that leads to fame and esteem for Perrichon. Meanwhile, Perrichon incurs the ire of the town’s lovelorn mayor, and their conflict soon escalates into a ridiculous duel.

Photo: A combination photo shows Eugene Labiche and the front cover of the Persian edition of his play “The Voyage of Mr. Perrichon”.


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