May 29, 2023

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Russia and Iran strike deadly deal in WW3 threat to US with ‘dire consequences’

Russia and Iran’s reported weapons deal could lead to “dire consequences” for the US, a security expert grimly claimed.

The two nations are believed to have worked on a deal that saw Russian forces bolstered with hundreds of advanced attack drones, with some used to bomb Ukrainian targets.

Conflict continues to rage between Ukraine and Russia, as despot Vladimir Putin hopes his ill-fated decision to invade the his neighbour will not fail.

As Russia seemingly loses ground in the war, fears have emerged that more “advanced weapons” could be given to Moscow, with the US believing Iran has been supplying its rival in the East.

But so far there is no evidence to suggest any type of pact has definitively been reached.

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According to Wesley Wark, a senior fellow and national security expert at the think-tank Centre for International Governance Innovation, such a deal could have been made given the close military ties between Russia and Iran.

He described how the pact will have “dire consequences for years of thawing of relations between US and Iran” when speaking to The Mirror.

Mr Wark continued: “One casualty of Iranian military support to Russia has been the prospect for any return to a nuclear deal with Iran, to deny the country the capacity to develop nuclear weapons while allowing a civilian nuclear energy industry.”

Iran has been under heavy restrictions when it comes to nuclear weapon programming since 2015, when along with the US and several other world powers, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed.

It was agreed that Iran would limit its programming in lieu of sanctions being lessened from rival nations.

Five years ago, when Donald Trump was at the helm in Washington, the US pull out of the pact, leading to Iran ignoring some of the limitations placed upon its nuclear programme within 12 months.

Despite the tension over the pact, both nations have said they would return to the deal, but any chance of this occurring appears to be growing weaker.

And Mr Wark believed that were the US’ warnings over Iran’s nuclear programmes ignored, even harsher sanctions would be placed upon the Middle Eastern country.

Mr Wark added: “American officials have not been reluctant to call out Iran using this intelligence. The key concern has been the supply by Iran of weaponised drones.

“Pentagon officials have indicated they believe Iran has supplied around 400 military-capable drones to Russia.”

It comes as Ukraine said it had neutralised Russia‘s most dangerous hypersonic weapon – with all six of Moscow’s Kinzhal missiles destined for Kyiv being destroyed.

The move by Russia was described by Ukraine‘s air command spokesperson, Yurii Ihnah, as “air terrorism”.

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