October 1, 2023

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Iranian honor

The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly emphasized that it does not provide military assistance to any side in the war in Ukraine, does not consider the war as a solution, and supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine, Sobh-e-No wrote in its editorial.

But it is enough to refer to injustice against Iran that during the eight years of the Sacred Defense in the 1980s, Europe and America gave Saddam all kinds of chemical and genocidal weapons, from missiles to fighter planes. However, Iran must answer to drones whose use is not only for war and sold to Russia before the Ukraine war, and Iran must be sentenced instead of another country.  The propaganda, political and media noise of the West is so loud that these actions have their effect even on sports as the Ukrainian athlete refuses to shake hands with the Iranian powerlifter.  But the honorable Iranian athlete with a heroic spirit tries twice to shake hands with the Ukrainian.  But some Western countries, which have developed step by step through murder, bloodshed, war and sale of weapons have never responded to the crisis-stricken areas of West Asia. They have amassed fortunes through trade of death (selling weapons).

Javan: Signs of agreement

 In a commentary Javan wrote: The Sultan of Oman’s two-day visit to Tehran, which Oman’s foreign minister described as “historic”, has put Iran and the West on the verge of an agreement on the nuclear issue.  Signs of such a vision are evident from Tehran to Washington and from there to Vienna and Tel Aviv.  Israeli officials, who have a unique interest in monitoring the U.S. foreign policy movements, have said they are worried about an interim nuclear agreement between the U.S. and Iran in the “coming days and weeks”.  In Washington, discussions about exchange of prisoners between Tehran and Washington have been raised again, and in Vienna there are news about reduction of differences between Iran and the IAEA over the disputed issues, and finally, as always in Tehran, economic experts evaluate reduction in value of foreign currency as an intelligence reaction of market to the foreign policy developments.  Sultan Haitham bin Tarik al-Said ended his two-day trip and left Tehran without talking about the nuclear tension between Iran and the West. He did not talk about the nuclear issue. That this challenge was not on the table during his visit to Tehran strengthened the view that the Omani mediator did not want to make public the most important agenda of his trip to Tehran.

Etemad: Foreign policy must be pragmatic

In order to evaluate success in pragmatic foreign policy, the list of wishes and ideals are not decisive, but objective and measurable indicators and the degree of realization of the goals and the degree of profitability are the focus of evaluation, Etemad said in an analysis.

Etemad wrote: According to what was said, the country’s foreign policy in the international environment should have two essential features in the global hierarchical system:

1- Producing power, increasing influence and all-round capability

2- Making profit

 Foreign policy should carry out the process of “producing power, increasing influence and all-round capability” and “making profit” in the following three areas: security, development, and values.  In practical foreign policy, the quality and speed of promoting values ??in the international environment is also done with attention, and simultaneously with increasing power and influence in the two fields of security and development.  The important point is that the concept of “power”, “security” and “deterrence” in the current phase of international relations is gradual and increasing, and the sources of power in the world are abundant.  On the other hand, “power” exclusively means increasing the presence of countries to influence the dominant trends in the international environment and international developments in the objective fields of geopolitical competition.  “Benefit” is also objective and fluid, and finally, for overall evaluation, the result of benefits to create security, development and values ??is taken into consideration.

Shargh: “Less for less” with an interim agreement

An important point that can be the subject of a serious discussion is release of a series of news that confirm an “interim step-by-step agreement’’ as a “de facto’’ (between Iran and the U.S.), Shargh said in a commentary.

 This means that Tehran and Washington have made changes in many fields in order to prevent an increase in tensions in line with the step-by-step policy. Iran is moving in the direction of more interaction with the IAEA in the field of nuclear activities and Safeguards disputes with the body on the eve of the quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors.

At the same time Iran decided to release some dual-nationals with France. Also, it is freeing French-Irish, Belgian citizens and there is the possibility of an agreement on exchange of Iranian-American dual nationals. Simultaneously, by making a significant change in its regional foreign policy, Iran is warming up to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, etc. On the other hand, in the run-up to the U.S. presidential campaigns, the Biden government is trying to carry out an interim less-for-less agreement by controlling relation with Tehran in the rational manner, and for some decisions made by Tehran, give an encouraging response, such as releasing Iran’s blocked funds.

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