May 31, 2023

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Iran, Russia willing to strengthen naval cooperation

TEHRAN- Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, has advocated for the advancement of naval cooperation with Iran, expressing willingness to sign bilateral agreements with the Iranian Navy in a number of areas.

During a meeting with the commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, on Monday in Tehran, the Russian admiral also expressed hope that his visit to Iran would result in further improvement of cooperation between the navies of the two countries.

The Russian admiral emphasized the importance of strengthening ties between the Iranian and Russian naval forces.

Yevmenov also stated that the Russian Navy is fully prepared to work with Iran to further advance bilateral relations.

Russia’s participation in three joint drills with Iran that also included China, according to Irani, sent a “very important” message to their mutual enemy.

The naval forces of Iran, China, and Russia conducted naval exercises in the Sea of Oman back in March under the name of “naval security belt combined war game 2023,” as the three nations increased their attempts to enhance cooperation among their militaries.

With the aim of enhancing the security of global maritime trade, exchanging information for naval rescue and relief operations, transferring operational and tactical experiences, and combating piracy and maritime terrorism, Iranian naval forces have recently participated in several joint war games with their Chinese and Russian counterparts.

Irani applauded Russian navy forces for their efforts to hold joint drills with Iran and China and emphasized the need to establish a joint committee to foster engagement in many areas, notably in the technological and educational sectors.

“Iran, Russia stand united against threats, arrogant domination”

Also, in a meeting with Yevmenov on Monday, the deputy chief of the Iranian Army for Coordination said that the Islamic Republic will improve coordination with its partners, especially Russia, to combat challenges to regional security posed by “global arrogance.”

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari also encouraged vigilance to prevent any dominance of the arrogant countries on the global stage.

“We do not want to dominate or attack any country, but we stand against any threats and arrogant domination. In this regard, we will strengthen our cooperation and synergy with friendly and allied countries, including Russia,” Sayyari stated. 

The commander also stated that the Iranian Army is fully prepared to work with Russia on enhancing military competitions, conducting maritime patrols and exercises, ensuring economic security, implementing counterterrorism measures, conducting maritime search and rescue operations and trainings, and assisting damaged vessels.

He also praised the competence of the Iranian Navy, noting that it is staffed by trustworthy and competent personnel and is outfitted with cutting-edge surface and subsurface machinery.

He continued by saying that Iranian navy ships have currently traveled to significant ports, such as the Port of St. Petersburg, and have circled the world.

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