October 1, 2023

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“From the Land of the Moon” comes to Iranian bookstores

TEHRAN – Italian novelist Milena Agus’s book “From the Land of the Moon” has recently been published in Persian by Mahi.

First published in 2006, the novel has been translated into Persian by Mehrdad Vosuqi.

A young unnamed woman reflects upon the life of her grandmother, a bewitching and eccentric figure whose abiding search for love spans much of the twentieth century. 

In 1943, as American bombs fall on the city of Cagliari, the young woman’s grandmother is thirty and already considered an old maid, unmarried and still living at home with her parents. 

But when the bombing ceases, and despite her protests, her father forces her to marry the first man to propose, an older widower she doesn’t love. 

After suffering several miscarriages, she is sent for treatment at a spa on the mainland, where she falls in love with an injured Italian army veteran and nine months later gives birth to a son. 

Attributing the pregnancy to her spa treatment, she returns to her husband and never reveals the affair. 

Decades later, she returns to the mainland and travels to her former lover’s hometown of Milan. Dressed in her finest coat and shoes, she wanders the streets in search of the elusive veteran.

Agus is from Sardinia. She is one of the leading novelists in the so-called Sardinian Literary Spring, which began in the 1980s and which includes other international names such as Michela Murgia.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian edition of Milena Agus’s novel “From the Land of the Moon”.


Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/485359/From-the-Land-of-the-Moon-comes-to-Iranian-bookstores

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