May 29, 2023

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Europe and America’s confusion regarding Iran

Shargh quoted an expert who believes that Europe and the United States are confused in regard to the Iran nuclear issue. The expert says: “Even if the 2015 agreement is revived in its previous form, which is highly unlikely, there will be no relationship with what the Biden government had promised as a long and strong agreement.

But the point is that currently there is no alternative or available plan for negotiations that can both cancel the U.S. sanctions in favor of Iran and resolve the West’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear activities.  Due to the fact that there is no alternative scenario and a practical solution and everything is discussed in several possible scenarios, it has caused both the United States and Europe to experience some kind of ambiguity and confusion regarding the future of the negotiations and also the issue of Iran’s nuclear activities.  Therefore, now they are proceeding with the policy of “no agreement, no crisis” to manage the situation.

Kayhan: Maritime Authority
 Kayhan devoted its editorial to Iran’s maritime authority and said: Currently, the 86th flotilla of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, after seafaring for about 7 months and navigating more than 70,000 kilometers, passing through different seas and straits as well as passing through the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are returning to our country.  Ned Price, the United States State Department spokesperson, had previously said in a rude comment that “we believe and have said that such warships have no place in the Western hemisphere.” This rhetoric and bluff of the American official did not create any obstacle in the iron will of the brave youth of our country and instead made them more determined.  As a result, the 86th flotilla of Army, inattentive to the threats and sanctions, berthed at the shores of the American continent and made its mission in the best way.

Farhikhtegan: The way forward for Iran and Egypt
 The Farhikhtegan newspaper discussed the prospect of establishing relations between Iran and Egypt. It quoted an expert who says: “Security cooperation has a long way to go, because Egypt has had special relations with Israel. Egypt has always been the flag bearer to start relations with the Zionist regime, especially during Sadat’s rule, and it still has these hidden and open relationship.  I think we should determine a specific path in relation to Egypt and move forward from that path, for example, cooperation in the fields of economy and trade. Even the effort for cultural cooperation is too early now, but it will be good to go as a tourist if it is possible.  The relationship with Egypt in the fields of trade, economy, technical and engineering has good capacities and it is possible to focus on it, but we must know that it is not possible to cooperate and interact with Egypt comprehensively in all fields.

Vatan-e-Emrooz: Historical narrative of the defeat of separatists
In a detailed commentary, Vatan-e-Emrooz analyzed a historical event in 1359 (1980), when armed separatists created insecurity in Kurdistan.  This newspaper wrote: One of the main goals of the riots that started in the country last fall on the pretext of Mahsa Amini’s death, was to divide parts of Iran while committing sabotage acts against the Islamic Republic. To confirm this claim, we can point to the active presence of terrorist and separatist groups, including Komleh, Kurdistan Democrats, PJAK, and the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), in the riots and insecurity in the west and northern-west of the country.  But the groups, that were following the separatist project in our country in the fall of last year, had taken the path of separation of Kurdistan from Iran in the past decades with more violence and severity than in recent months. However, they failed in face of the Army and the IRGC.  The war that started between the military forces of our country and the separatist groups over the liberation of Sanandaj, finally brought freedom to the city. It is a good example to show the failure of the separatists.

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