May 29, 2023

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Cultural diversity, religions coexistence hallmarks of Iran, deputy minister says

TEHRAN – Iran is a symbol of cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence of religions, the deputy tourism minister has said. 

There is no doubt that Iran has been a symbol of cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence of religions, and a symbol of peace and tolerance throughout its history, Ali Darabi explained on Sunday.

Mosques, churches, and synagogues in different Iranian cities could reflect this tolerance and cultural diversity, the official added. 

Diverse cultures can work together in harmony and with no discrimination or inequality under any title, he noted. 

Although human societies share many cultural characteristics, they all have different degrees of inhomogeneous nature, both in the internal sphere to comparison with each other, he mentioned. 

This diversity and plurality must be protected and preserved in the societies, he stated. 

Among Iran’s cultural policies are respect for cultural diversity, equal opportunities for marginalized cultures, and support for cultures in danger of extinction, he said. 

Iran has a well-developed system of ethnic groups and regions, and these ethnic groups have unique characteristics as a result of their climate, history, beliefs, and lifestyle, he explained. 

The culturally-diverse country is home to many regional people including ones with Turk and Arab elements in addition to the Kurds, Baloch, Bakhtyari, Lurs, and other smaller minorities such as Armenians, Assyrians, Jews, and others.

Language, music, indigenous cuisine, clothing, songs, anecdotes, crafts, live performances, and local rituals such as celebrations and wedding ceremonies have always spurred many to experience life among the tribes.

Over the past couple of years, tribe tourism has gained a lot of support and attention in the country by both the government and the private sectors, as well as sightseers and local communities. Each month, several tribal festivals are held across the country. Moreover, tens of collective tours bring visitors to experience life among the tribespeople.

Tribe tourism, also known as the-tourism or ethnic tourism, lays the ground for you to feel indigenous people by living with a nomad or rural family or enjoying an independent stay.

For both domestic and foreign travelers, tribal tourism is all about opening eyes to new places, traditions, cuisines, beliefs, and ways of life.

Many tourists from all over the world tend to observe the lifestyle of these hardworking people and spend a few days watching activities such as milking, yogurt making, buttering, oiling, woolen, carpeting, and much more. Many Iranian and foreign tourists are interested in sleeping in nomadic black tents.


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