September 24, 2023

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APC President: Iran plays a key role in developing Paralympic Movement

TEHRAN – On the first day of Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) 30th Executive Board meeting, President Majid Rashed delivers a speech in Tehran.

In his opening speech to the APC Session, Rashed thanked Iran and especially Ghafoor Karegari as NPC head, for hosting and extending a warm welcome, reported.

“Before opening the meeting, I would like to thank the Iran NPC for hosting us in Tehran. Beside the ancient history of this country, Iran also has great and hospitable people,” Majid said.

“I believe that all the people, here, around the table are a united family in Asia. We should do our best to develop our Asian Paralympic Movement.

“However, our Movement faces challenges in some cases, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic or financial issues but we have solved them by positive attitudes and energy. Our athletes are the main source of this energy, which always send us positive vibes,” he stated.

Asian Paralympic Committee President mentioned Iran as one of the most developed NPCs in the region which has been umbrella of many elite Para-Athletes and World Champions.

It is the APC President’s second trip to the country since the 15th National Paralympic Day, which were organized successfully in October 2022.

The APC Board trip will be concluded on Monday.

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