November 28, 2023

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America’s warfare to intimidate Iran

Javan analyzed the recent threats against Iran. It wrote: America has recently declared that although Netanyahu has become a weak scarecrow in government and is facing various crises, it is looking to design a military attack on Iran with this regime.

But it is more like a brag. In the past two decades, Israel has faced repeated military defeats in its wars against Lebanon and Gaza, and even Israeli officials admit that their deterrence does not work anymore.  America, which used to destroy national systems with remote military threat, no longer has a prestige, and for this reason, it has relied on the management of proxy wars. And in recent years, it has placed perceptual, psychological and hybrid warfare as the main support of politics in the world. All America’s efforts against Iran are to magnify the bankrupts abroad with a magnifying glass and to exaggerate people’s livelihood difficulties and economic situation inside Iran with a combination of thugs in the media.  Apparently, this strategy has not achieved any notable results and in its latest rant, it has added the military threat in the media to the rest of the headlines of security, political and economic chaos, and hopes to deceive the media, which is multiplied by the strategy of some domestic reformers.

Etemad: Plan of the diplomatic system

 In a commentary, Etemad wrote: The issue that has now been raised as a keyword by the Supreme Leader is the issue of avoiding begging diplomacy.  This means that begging diplomacy makes Iran to give key concessions to foreign countries without receiving mutual concessions from them.  The key words and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s speech are considered to be a very clear roadmap for the diplomats and top foreign policy officials.

Based on this and regarding a historical and geographical reality, the Islamic Republic of Iran should interact with the world community while maintaining its principles and values, but this interaction should not lead to a kind of begging diplomacy.  Iran should show the necessary flexibility and at the same time should not be influenced by the blackmail and avarice of the West. The values ??of the revolution and the policies that have been determined by the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini must be respected in any interaction with foreign countries.

Kayhan: The alternative to SWIFT system is coming

 In an analysis, Kayhan addressed the effort to create an alternative SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) and said: The Asian Clearing Union, which includes 9 countries, agreed to launch an interbank messaging system to replace SWIFT within the next month. Talking on the sidelines of the 51st meeting of the Asian Clearing Union (ACU) held at the Central Bank, Mohsen Karimi said: “Asian countries, including Arab countries such as Syria, can also apply to join in the Asian Clearing meeting.” 

 About launching internal SWIFT among the members of the Asian Clearing Union, he said: “Since last year, the Islamic Republic of Iran has designed a special messenger to exchange banking messages between the members of the Clearing Union and discussed in the latest meeting. In the meantime, it was investigated by some specialized commissions. The members of this union emphasized the need to replace a dedicated messenger between members and replace it with SWIFT.  The alternative messenger to SWIFT is likely to be done among members of the Asian Clearing Union within the next month.

Vatan-e-Emrooz: Indonesia trip marks beginning of second phase of diplomacy

Vatan-e-Emrooz discussed President Raisi’s visit to Indonesia. It wrote: Iran’s diplomatic system has successfully completed the “the neighbor is first foreign policy” mission and now the second phase of the government’s diplomacy has begun.  It seems that the second phase of the government’s diplomacy focuses on important but neglected areas in Iran’s foreign policy during the last few decades.  On Tuesday, Raisi went to Indonesia in Southeast Asia at the head of a high-ranking delegation, a very important trip in line with the policy of “look to Asia” in the 13th government and a wisely move in line with following a balanced foreign policy.

 Iran and Indonesia are two populous countries among Islamic countries. Deepening relations and cooperation between Tehran and Jakarta can play an essential role to coordinate through Islamic countries in dealing with the challenges and important issues of the Islamic world, including the Palestinian issue and confronting the Zionist regime.

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