October 1, 2023

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Afghan border guards received a response: minister

TEHRAN – Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi late on Sunday reacted to the recent border clashes between Iran and Afghanistan, saying that the clashes came to an end after Iran responded to the Afghan side.

“These clashes were brief, the necessary response was given to the Afghan border guards, and now there is no problem for traffic at the border point,” Vahidi said, according to IRNA. “There was a shooting by the Afghan border guards, and naturally, they were responded to appropriately.”

He added, “The conflicts were later resolved and negotiations were held with the Taliban side.”

Vahidi continued, “Currently, we do not have any problems and the border point is open for traffic and is in peace.”

The interior minister also pointed to Iran’s water share of the Helmand River, saying that “previously, various officials have spoken about the Helmand River’s water share. Therefore, we are waiting for a joint team to be formed together with the Taliban and the Iranian experts to investigate the water situation in the region’s dams and the current situation of Helmand with regard to Iran’s water share.”

He added, “If there was water in the dams, the Taliban side should give Iran’s share, and if not, this issue should be clarified for us because our experts believe that there is water in these dams.”

Vahidi stated, “Meanwhile, the Taliban side says that there is no water in Helmand. However, the formation of a joint committee is foreseen by Iran, and this committee should be formed and visit the said place.”

Tensions have recently escalated between Iran and Afghanistan over water rights and border clashes. On Saturday, the Iranian border police and Taliban troops engaged in an exchange of fire in a border region east of Iran.

The clashes came amid tensions about Iran’s water rights. An Iranian lawmaker has called on the Taliban to abandon its use of language of threat vis-à-vis Iran and resort to diplomacy when it comes to Iran’s water rights.

The lawmaker, Fada Hossein Maleki, who is a member of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said differences between Iran and Afghanistan can be solved through diplomacy.

In remarks to IRNA, Maleki said, “We expect the Taliban to pay attention to the historical relations between the two nations of Iran and Afghanistan and to know that Iran has stood by Afghanistan in all situations. They should not use inappropriate language to address us. Some of the videos published on the internet show our border guards talking to the Taliban and they [the Taliban] use threatening language, which is not correct at all and is outside of international norms.”

Maleki, also a former Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan, said Iran expects the Taliban to respect Iran’s water share from the Helmand River, which has been at the center of tensions between Tehran and Kabul in recent days. “The demand of Iran, our nation and government from Afghanistan is that the treaty related to Iran’s share of Helmand be implemented as soon as possible. The Taliban should pay attention to the international treaty regarding Helmand’s water share and good neighborliness,” the lawmaker added.

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