May 29, 2023

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“The Candle of Bayt al-Mal”, Ruholamin’s new artwork honors Imam Ali’s martyrdom …

TEHRAN – Iranian artist Hassan Ruholamin has commemorated the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (AS) with his new canvas entitled “The Candle of Bayt al-Mal”.

The painting, which portrays a story from the Imam’s concern for justice during his caliphate, was unveiled on Ruholamin’s Instagram on Monday, just two days before his martyrdom anniversary.

In his post, Ruholamin wrote that the artwork has been created to commemorate the major event in the history of Islam and dedicated it to his followers.

The artwork depicts the Imam putting out a candle in one hand, while holding another burning one in his other hand during his meeting with Talha and Zubair, two companions of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

It has been produced based on a story, which broke in the early days of the Imam’s caliphate when Talha and Zubair went to meet Imam Ali (AS) to discuss a personal matter while the Imam was putting public affairs in order at the Bayt al-Mal, the public treasury in the Islamic concept. The Imam extinguished the candle purchased with public funds, instead lighting another one that he purchased with his own personal funds.    

“Now, you have come for some personal work, so I must use the candle purchased with my personal funds,” said Imam Ali (AS) when his guests asked about his actions.

Ruholamin is best known for his paintings of stories from the history of Islam.

Last week, he unveiled his painting “Idol-Breaking Generation” to celebrate the birthday of Imam Hassan (AS), the second Imam of the Shia. 

The painting shows Imam Hassan (AS) fighting in the Battle of the Camel, also known as the Battle of Jamal or the Battle of Basra, which took place outside of Basra, Iraq, in 656 CE. The battle was fought between the army of Imam Ali (AS), on one side, and the rebel army led by Aisha, Talha and Zubair, on the other side.

Through his art, Ruholamin has also expressed sympathy over public incidents.

As the latest example, he paid tribute to Qaribreza Darabi, an elite firefighter that was killed while battling a fire in Tehran’s Bahar Street in February by portraying him on canvas in a painting named “Qoqnus”. 

Photo: “The Candle of Bayt al-Mal” by Hassan Ruholamin.


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