May 28, 2024

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Saudi delegation in Mashhad to inaugurate consulate

TEHRAN- The Saudi technical team traveled on Friday farther inside Iran to visit the Saudi consulate general in the shrine city of Mashhad.

At the Shahid Hashminejad International Airport, Mohammad Beheshti Monfared, director of the organization for international bodies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khorasan Razavi province, formally welcomed the Saudi delegation.

Beheshti Monfared expressed hope that with the reopening of diplomatic ties between the two nations, the relations between the two major Muslim nations in the region will deepen and their citizens would once again be permitted to visit both countries.

Nasser bin Awad Al-Ghannoum, the head of the Saudi delegation, thanked the representatives of the Iranian Foreign Ministry for their warm welcome and assistance in making the Saudi delegation’s journey to Iran possible during.

He expressed hope that restoration of ties between the two important Muslim nations in the region will bring blessings and foster greater regional cooperation.

Last week, a delegation from Saudi Arabia paid a visit to Tehran to prepare the ground for reopening its diplomatic missions in Iran. In response, a technical delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran travelled to Saudi Arabia to begin making preparations for the reopening of its embassy there.

The Iranian team also visited its consulate general in Jeddah and its diplomatic mission at the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

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