September 24, 2023

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Russia begins supplying Iran with fuel by rail, Reuters reports

Russia supplies Iran with fuel
Russia supplies Iran with fuel

The report notes that back in late 2022, Russia’s Deputy PM Alexander Novak announced a program of swap supplies of oil products to Iran, although the scheme became operational only in 2023. Two sources told Reuters that Russia delivered 30,000 tons of gasoline and diesel fuel to Iran in March. Another source confirmed the deliveries took place, without providing exact volumes.

“Iran is an oil producer and has its own refineries, but recently its consumption had exceeded domestic fuel production, especially in its northern provinces,” the news agency writes.

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According to the report, the rail route goes by way of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. One source said part of the shipments was immediately sent to Iraq, in a series of fuel trucks.

Iran’s access to global markets remains restricted by Western sanctions. Russia was already supplying Iran with small quantitates of fuel via the Caspian Sea, but G7 maritime trade sanctions forced Moscow to pivot to switching to rail for transportation.

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U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin previously said Russia and Iran are engaging in “unprecedented” levels of military cooperation, focused on missile technology and air defense systems.

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Earlier media reports suggested that in exchange for military equipment to be used against Ukraine, Moscow assists Tehran with cyber warfare capabilities, its missiles program, and provides with pieces of Western-made military equipment “captured in battle” in Ukraine.

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