May 29, 2023

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Popular Army

In a note on the occasion of Army Day, the Iran newspaper wrote: Before any mission, maintaining territorial integrity is one of the tasks of the army in all countries in the world and the Iranian army is not an exception. However, the enemies, who appear like normal people, are teaming up with the separatists and inviting the army to confront the system and join the enemies!

It is a point to consider that such demands are neither people’s expectations nor are discussed by the people.  In other words, the slogan “Army be our friend” is a slogan that was designed to be misused at some point with the aim of separatism.

Hamshahri: The upside-down world

In its editorial, Hamshahri commented about the falsification of facts by anti-Iran media outlets. It said: What is the solution?  The path is clear. The enemy and internal and external counter-revolutionaries should not be allowed to falsify the truth.  False portrayals and biased analyses should be stopped.  The advice of the Leader of the revolution to neutralize this conspiracy is clear.

An important tool of the enemy is media. So our media people are in the front line of this war.  Now, let’s skip the group that, knowingly or unknowingly, is playing on the enemy’s ground with these domestic media.  The duty of all of us is to create hope, to create a realistic picture of the future, and in a word, to reveal the facts to ‘thirsty minds’.  The task should be this that we give people hope.  These pages and channels of virtual space are an opportunity.  This capacity should not be underestimated.  The number of addresses is not important.  It is important that we all move in this field of explanation.  The only way to stand against this destructive and misleading flood of falsification is this path.

Kayhan: Germany’s heavy penalty

In its editorial, Kayhan discussed the penalty of Germany’s alliance with America. It wrote: On March 31st of 2023, German politician and member of the country’s parliament, Soim Dagdelen, in his speech in the German central parliament (Bundestag), called Germany’s relations with America “excessive servant of Germany for the purposes of American foreign policy”. He said: “[America] is holding meetings at Ramstein Air Base as if Germany is still occupied by the United States!… The American government has led us to know that it actually doesn’t need an ally and wants only the slave!”

Now Germany, in addition to its lost independence, is involved in a war that it had no desire for and it will have to deal with its economic consequences for years.  Germany has lost one of its most important sources of energy, its energy transmission lines have become unsafe, and its place in energy transmission to Western European countries has almost been lost.  They are not even allowed to investigate the causes of this damage namely the agents behind the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines and the German federal government refuses to form any fact-finding committee to investigate the attacks on Nord Stream! A country whose vision as one of the poles of power in the future world was almost clear before the war in Ukraine, now sees the price of being allied with the United States is costing it greatly.

Etemad: Parliament speakers’ banquet

In a commentary, the Etemad newspaper discussed the four-person banquet of the current parliament speaker and the former ones and wrote: Among these four speakers of the parliament, Ali Larijani and Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri can be considered closest to each other. In other words, Larijani and Nateq-Nouri are close in terms of their views and both claim moderation. But these two persons have sharp differences with Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and Haddad-Adel. Qalibaf does not have a good relation with the political forces subordinate to Haddad Adal, a group in the parliament that is now competing with Qalibaf.  Qalibaf doesn’t have good memories of the conservative political group called “Jamna” either. In 1996, they introduced Ebrahim Raisi as a better presidential candidate.

Now, as the 12th parliamentary elections are approaching, it is supposed that Qalibaf wants to get closer to conservative political forces, both traditional and moderate, in order to use their influence.  In any case, if this is not the case, Qalibaf’s invitation to the former the parliament speakers in the last year of the 11th parliament brings to mind efforts to win the parliamentary seats.

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