June 4, 2023

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Over 9.3m tons of goods transited via Iranian roads in a year

TEHRAN- Over 9.3 million tons of commodities were transited through the Iranian roads network during the past Iranian calendar year 1401 (ended on March 20), the head of Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (RMTO) announced.

Referring to the growth of about one percent of road transit via Iran compared to the year 1400 and a 42 percent growth compared to the year 1398 (the year before the outbreak of the coronavirus), Dariyoush Amani said: “Despite the relative change in terms of tonnage, in terms of the number of transit truck trips we have seen a four percent growth year on year”.

He said Bazargan border terminal, in northwestern West Azarbaijan province, with a 16 percent growth in transit, was the most active transit border in the past year compared to the previous year.

“Last year, despite the improvement of international transportation conditions after the coronavirus pandemic and the removal of most of the relative global and regional restrictions caused by the pandemic, due to some regional and international challenges, achieving the goals set in the field of transit faced difficulties. However, the four percent growth of transit truck traffic in a situation where most countries were facing an employment crisis in the field of international transportation, shows the importance of Iran’s transit route compared to other alternative routes in the region to access markets from east to west and north to south and vice versa”, the official further explained.

According to the fundamental approach of the 13th government based on political and commercial integration with neighboring countries, and the pursuit of the government’s active regional diplomacy in the form of regional economic agreements such as those with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), it is definitely possible to achieve the goal of transiting 20 million tons of goods through Iran in this Iranian year through the cooperation and empathy of all cooperating institutions in the governmental and private sectors, Amani commented.

As previously announced by the Iranian deputy transport minister, 10.8 million tons of commodities were transited through the country in the past Iranian calendar year.

Shahriyar Afandizadeh also announced that Iran registered a new record high with the transit of 8.3 million tons of non-oil goods in 1401, adding that 2.5 million tons of oil products were also transited via the country in the previous year.

“Considering the transit of 7.5 million tons of non-oil goods in 1400, we have seen a 10.7-percent growth in the transit of this type of goods in 1401 compared to the previous year”, the official said.

“In 1401, we witnessed important developments and achievements in the strategic and operational areas of the country’s transit, whose definitive effects will be seen gradually and steadily on the growth of transit from the country in 1402 and the coming years”, the deputy transport minister further highlighted.

Afandizadeh then explained: “In line with the activation and development of the North-South International Transport Corridor, in a tripartite meeting in last September between the high-ranking officials of our country and the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan in Baku, while aiming to achieve the transit of 15 million tons of goods through this corridor by 2030, agreements were reached in the field of strengthening the cooperation of the three countries in joint investment and financing, the completion and development of key infrastructures and their exploitation, especially the construction of the Rasht-Astara railway line, facilitating cross-border traffic of goods and increasing the quality and quantity of this traffic”, adding that the implementation of these agreements is being followed up.

He went on to say, “One of the most important events last year was Iran’s full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In a short period of time after the meeting of the heads of Shanghai in September 1401 in Samarkand, the first six-party meeting of the transport ministers of Iran and the countries of Central Asia, in addition to Russia and Azerbaijan was held in Tehran in October 1401 with the goal of achieving 20-million tons of annual transit between Iran and Central Asian countries, as an area with a very high role and importance in east-west and north-south transit, especially after the recent regional and international developments, which was approved by the members.”

This year, the issue of transit and playing a role in major programs such as those related to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Economic Cooperation Organization, and Eurasian Economic Union is one of the main priorities of the Transport Ministry in developing transport relations with regional and extra-regional target countries, the deputy transport minister noted.

After seven years of reduction in the transit of goods from the country, the growth path of transit resumed in the past Iranian calendar year 1400 (ended on March 20, 2022) and with the passage of 12.65 million tons of goods through Iran, a growth of 68 percent was achieved.

The policy of paying attention to neighbors and developing political and economic relations with neighboring countries in the current government, increasing attention to road and rail routes in the world, and the efforts and cooperation of transportation and trade-related organizations in establishing or activating corridors through the country has led to significant growth in transit of goods through Iran.

Iran is one of the countries with a special status in trade and transit relations due to its strategic location and special geography, as the country is the passage of several important international corridors.

Considering its geographical location, Iran can play a significant role in the transit of goods in the region and benefit a lot from its status in this due.

Paying attention to upstream documents, especially the country’s development plans, and the government’s decision to develop transit, paying special attention to infrastructure development, reducing transit time, making it cheaper to cross Iran and making more advantages over competitors, due to the short path for customers, can lead to facilitating the development of transit so that the country can reach the desired growth in this due.


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