May 29, 2023

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Normalization with Israel a stab in the back of Palestine: Raisi

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has denounced any kind of normalization of ties with Israel, describing it as a stab in the back of the resistance front and Palestine. 

In a video message on Friday to a gathering of leaders and commanders of Palestinian groups and the people of Gaza on the occasion of International Quds Day, Raisi described the month of Ramadan as a season of disliking oppressors and stated, “According to the words of the great martyr of this month, Imam Ali (AS), the nation of Iran has always been -and will always be- in the fight against oppressors and usurpers and the protector of the oppressed, including the oppressed people of the usurped land of Palestine.”

The cleric president stated that the Palestinian nation has been a hero of resistance in the face of oppression and has shown an exemplary stand, according to the official website of the Iranian presidency.

He added, “The steadfast standing of the Palestinian people for the cause of the freedom of Palestine and Al-Quds for many years is worthy of appreciation from humanity and a great reward from the Lord of the Universe.”

Praising the epic standing of the Palestinians, Raisi said, “To all the great martyrs of the holy cause, including Haj Qassem Soleimani and all the dear men, women, and young people who sacrificed their whole lives for defending Palestine, we send greetings to all the brave, patient and resistant Palestinian mothers, wives, sisters and women.”

Referring to the naming of the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan as Quds Day by Imam Khomeini, the president stated, “Our great Imam declared the issue of Palestine and the freedom of Quds as the biggest and central issue of the Islamic world, so that the attention of the entire world is drawn to the holy Quds, the oppression of the Palestinian people and the oppression and arrogance of the Zionist regime and its supporters in the world.”

Calling Palestinians true heroes who have been fighting Israel for over 70 years, the president noted, “If until yesterday some people sat around the political tables to make decisions for the Palestinian people, today it is these jihadi groups who have the initiative of action and creativity.”

Pointing out that the position of the Islamic Republic in supporting Palestine has not changed since the beginning, the president said, “Today, Imam Khamenei considers the issue of Palestine to be the most important issue of the Islamic world and believes that the issue of resistance is our issue today, and we should strengthen the resistance front.”

Stating that Tehran’ policy is based on supporting the resistance front, Raisi said, “Let everyone know that we have no doubts in supporting the resistance front. The Islamic Republic is determined to support the resistance front.”

He stated, “Today, a new order is being established in the world, and in this new order, the resistance front is being strengthened, and the front of the enemies of the resistance is declining. Anyone who sees the conditions and situation of America today and compares it with the past will definitely see the signs of the decline of Americans and their power both in the region and globally.”

Raisi also referred to the situation of the Zionist regime, saying, “The indicators clearly show that the conditions and situation of the Zionist regime are worse than ever and that this regime is declining.”

Raisi stated, “Today it is the current of resistance that is proud against the current of compromise. The current of compromise has always sought to divert and slow down the resistance during the fight of the Palestinian people. We have not forgotten the agreements of Oslo, Sharm el-Sheikh, Camp David and other agreements that the enemy did not adhere to any of. The enemy did not pay the slightest attention to these contracts and it was proved that as the Holy Quran says, they are covenant breakers and their covenant should not be paid attention to.”

Pointing out that today the Tel Aviv regime is seeking relations with Islamic countries in order to purify itself and increase its security, Raisi noted, “From this platform, I say that normalizing relations with the Zionist regime is a betrayal of the Palestinians and the resistance front, and a knife in the back of the resistance front and dear Palestine.”

He stated that the governments should understand that if they want to move with their nations, they should understand the nations’ desire, which is to stay away Israel. “The final word is that the normalization of relations does not create security neither for the Zionist regime, nor for the countries that establish relations with the Zionist regime.”

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