May 29, 2023

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Multidimensional advantages of Iran’s drone power

In a report, the Vatan-e-Emrooz newspaper discussed the unveiling of the IRGC’s new drone called Meraj 532 and the dimensions and achievements of Iran’s drone power. It wrote: These days, Iran’s drone power has helped the diplomacy economy.

These days, drones can be used as an important goods in the military field.  This issue can help the Islamic Republic to bypass sanctions.  In addition to military and economic advantages, drones increase the bargaining power in their region.  For example, several neighboring countries have requested to receive drones from Iran, and in the end, the winner of this competition may become a strategic security partner for the exporting country, and this topic is dangerous for other countries.  The Islamic Republic has also established bases for the manufacture of drones in Tajikistan and Venezuela.  The importance of establishing this type of base in Caracas while the United States considers Latin American as its backyard is a big alarm for Washington.  At one time only America had to control the Islamic Republic in the Persian Gulf, but today Iran is building its own powerful drones in America’s neighborhood.

Shargh: Achievements of reviving relations with Saudi Arabia

 Shargh analyzed Iran’s diplomatic breakthrough with Saudi Arabia and wrote: The revival of these relations in the first step prevents erosive tensions as well as political, diplomatic, human, military, defense, security, logistic and economic expenses.  And more importantly, the establishment of these relations will greatly help to improve the security of the two countries, West Asia and the wider region. And clearly the end of war in Yemen will be at the top and priority of this achievement.

Javan: Iran and Russia on the way to delete the dollar

In a note, the Javan newspaper addressed the issue of de-dollarization of the Iranian economy and wrote: The issue of ending the dominance of the dollar from economic exchanges is very important for Iran.  During the meeting of Igor Levitin, the special assistant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with Admiral Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of our country, which took place on Sunday afternoon in Tehran, Shamkhani emphasized that “the path started to reduce the influence of the dollar in economic exchanges in the region and wider world, which many countries are joining, will reduce the dominance of the West over the global economy to the minimum possible level.

In a commentary, the Farhikhtegan newspaper discussed the different dimensions and aspects of de-dollarization in the world: With the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war and the American use of the dollar instrument, the issue of de-dollarization has become a hot topic.  A look at various indicators shows that the news about the fall of the dollar or the intensity of de-dollarization has been greatly exaggerated.  But this does not mean that talking about de-dollarization is an illusion because according to recent reports by the International Monetary Fund, the share of the dollar in the world’s currency reserves has decreased from 71% in 2000 to 58% this year.

The Sobh-e-No newspaper also devoted some material to the issue of de-dollarization based on the views of an economic expert who says: After Russia’s war on Ukraine, the United States tried to take the same action which it has taken against Iran, such as sanctioning all banks (that traded with Iran) against Moscow as well. However, Russia, immediately after the passage of three months and changing monetary and financial policies and removing the dollar, not only protected its economy, but also showed the strength of its economy to the Americans. But in Iran, unfortunately, despite having oil, gas and huge resources that are considered as the manifestation of economic power in the world…, the thinking of monetary and financial officials is focused on America and they are afraid of eliminating the dollar from the economy. We should learn from other countries and cut our connection with the dollar.

Arman-e-Emrooz: The key of Baku’s behavior is in Tel Aviv

Arman-e-Emrooz analyzed Baku’s approach towards Iran and how Tehran faced it. The writer said: The key of all Baku’s behaviors is in Tel Aviv.  At times when differences arise between countries, dialogue can play a valuable role and solve problems.  It seems that this anti-diplomatic approach of Ilham Aliyev, the leader of the Baku government, has aggravated the differences, which is ultimately not in their favor.  We hope that the Baku government will not play in the field of Westerners and Israel and won’t give the opportunity to destroy its relations with Iran to the Zionist regime and elements opposed to relations between Iran and Baku.  

Of course, Iran has the right to take countermeasures against the actions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and expel their diplomats in their consulate in Tabriz and those in Tehran.  In my opinion, the restoration of relations between Iran and Azerbaijan does not require mediation.  But Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan can still negotiate and resolve their problems without mediation. 

If Aliyev acts wisely and not influenced by the Zionist regime, he can negotiate with the Islamic Republic of Iran and iron out the existing disagreements and restore relations.  The approach of Iran is different with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and Iran had much more discords with these countries than the Republic of Baku, but today we see that our embassies (in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh) will be opened after solving the problems.  Therefore, we can adopt this approach towards the Republic of Azerbaijan, provided that they also try to make decisions as an independent country and do not play on the ground of the Zionist regime and do not seek to block diplomatic communications.

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