May 29, 2023

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More than 40 warplanes to fly over Tehran on Army Day

TEHRAN- More than 40 fighter planes are scheduled to fly over Tehran on Tuesday as part of an aerial parade to demonstrate the Islamic Republic’s air might, according to the commander of the Iranian Air Force.

Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi made the announcement on Sunday in advance of National Army Day on April 18, IRNA reported. 

The parade is celebrated in Iran with a sizable military parade that highlights the nation’s defense readiness and most recent accomplishments in the defense industry.

Vahedi stated that throughout the glorious tenure of the holy establishment of the Islamic Revolution, the Army’s Air Force has spared no efforts and sacrifices for the dignity and sovereignty of the Islamic Republic by conducting various operations and missions.

The commander highlighted that the Air Force aims to demonstrate the grandeur and authority of the Islamic establishment within the region under the tutelage of Leader of the Islamic Revolution by boosting military expertise in a variety of fields, including building, preserving aviation equipment, and maintaining aircraft.

The parade on April 18 will be different from previous years because more than 40 fighter jets, including Saeqa, Kosar, F5, F4, F14, F7, MiG-29, and Sukhoi-24, will be present. 

They will fly over Tehran and the shrine of the late Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, to demonstrate the air power of Islamic Iran to the rest of the world.

The top commander stated that among the other objectives of the aerial parade are to increase the specialized expertise of pilots, particularly young pilots, assess the degree of preparedness of air operational units, and ensure the maintenance and security of the nation’s air boundaries.

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