May 29, 2023

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“Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism” published in Persian 

TEHRAN – “Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism”, co-authored by Christian Fuchs and Vincent Mosco, has recently been published in Persian by Markaz.

Sahand Sattari is the translator of the book originally published in 2015.
More than 130 years after Karl Marx’s death and 150 years after the publication of his magnum opus “Capital: Critique of Political Economy”, capitalism continues to be haunted by periodic crises. The most recent capitalist crisis has brought attention back to Marx’s works.

This volume presents 16 contributions that show how Marx’s analyses of capitalism, the commodity, class, labor, work, exploitation, surplus-value, dialectics, crises, ideology, class struggles, and communism, help us to understand the internet and social media in 21st-century digital capitalism.

Marx is back! This book is a key resource on the foundations of “Marxist Internet and Digital Media Studies”.

Christian Fuchs is an Austrian social scientist. From 2013 until 2022, he was a professor of social media at the University of Westminster, where he also was the director of the Communication and Media Research Institute.

Vincent Mosco is a Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University, Canada, where he held the Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society. He is also a Distinguished Professor at the New Media Centre, School of Journalism and Communication, Fudan University, Shanghai.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian edition of “Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism”.


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