May 29, 2023

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Israel cannot avoid fall: Foreign Ministry

TEHRAN- The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry asserted on Tuesday that the Israeli regime, that is founded on conflict and instability, cannot avert internal disintegration.

Nasser Kanaani said on his Twitter account that the Israeli regime has upped its adventurist efforts since diplomacy and convergence in the region have been gaining momentum.

“The cause is obvious: War, instability, and sowing regional divisions have always been the foundation for the phony Israeli regime’s existence and survival. It cannot, of course, escape internal breakdown,” he noted. 

His tweet came amid a growing political crisis and vehement anti-Zionist rallies in the occupied territories.

Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel, spoke of an impending confrontation and perhaps possible massacre in February, stating that Tel Aviv was in danger of “societal and constitutional collapse.”

His comment was made at a time when there have been widespread demonstrations in the occupied territories over the past 13 weeks in response to a package of contentious and divisive “legal reforms” put out by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Since late December, when Netanyahu declared his intention to put the amendments into effect, the protests have occurred every week.

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