May 29, 2023

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Islamic Revolution Women’s community is founded

Iran’s Great Islamic Revolution in the past 40 years, despite all the enmities, grudges, and malice of the arrogant and all sanctions and economic pressures, has always been a proud pioneer in economic, scientific, and cultural peaks.

Now, at the turning point of the Islamic Revolution and considering the unique view of the world towards the women of the Islamic Revolution, today is the time to unite more than ever the active, thoughtful, resistant, and value-creating women of the Islamic world. Because the woman is the center of the family and the complete role of a house in which a productive generation will grow in her lap, according to the great prophet, he should be in the center of attention and support, and his capabilities should emerge and grow.

Now the community of the women of the Islamic Revolution is based on three pillars; media, culture and art, chastity and hijab, by creating solidarity and synergy between all the women of the Islamic world and adherents to the Islamic revolution, state institutions and government; To achieve purposefulness and to approach the Mahdavi community and make a change in the work structure in the announced priorities, therefore the working groups:

– Islamic Revolution Women’s Committee

– Chastity and hijab (which plays an active role in all working groups and uses all capacities)

– Science and Technology (knowledge-based and creative company)

– Graphics and visualization workgroup

– Media and public relations (documentary, photography, feature film, content production, etc.)

– Cloth and clothes

– Handicrafts

– Economic

– Provinces (Different regions in Iran)

– The International

– Islamic resistance

They are the executive arms of this community that will help identify, empower and introduce the women of the Islamic Revolution.

Now, sanctity depends on standing up and accompanying the guardian of the time in the context of Jihad for the sake of Allah. The hope is that the Muslim and revolutionary people will appreciate the essence of the revolution, Islam, and the Islamic system more than ever before and spare no effort to preserve and protect it. The statement “Islamic Revolution, Women’s community” addressed to the nation of Iran and the Islamic world as the beginning of this community’s activity for Muslim women’s identification, self-development, and model-making, and will be a turning point for the realization of the concerns of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the valuable view of women, until bringing us closer to the ideals of the Islamic revolution and a Mahdavi society; The text of the statement is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

1. We have given you plenty.

2. So pray to your Lord and sacrifice.

3. He who hates you is cut off.

Hazrat Khadija; Muslim woman role model

Hazrat Khadija, Umm al-Mu’minin, the first Muslim lady whose dedication and sacrifice are exemplary in the way of Islam. According to the conditions of that time, when women were deprived of all necessities and girls were buried alive, and according to their economic status and activity, she can be called one of the wisest and most efficient women of her time. She was a woman who was socially and economically active during the time of the Arabs’ killing of girls, and in the following years, they gave her the title of Sayyida al-Nisa al-Quraish. In the dark, she was called the pure secretary of Tahira because of her fearlessness and spirituality. A woman who emerged in the time of suffocation of girls and made the Arab world aware of her is a perfect model of a Muslim woman in all dimensions of marriage, economy, and society.

Islamic Revolution Women’s community; Supporting the values, principles, and foundations of the Islamic revolution in the field of women

The Community of Women of the Islamic Revolution aims to identify and introduce capable and goal-oriented women who adhere to the Islamic Revolution with three focuses: “Media,” “Culture and Art,” and “Chastity and Hijab.” To achieve the objectives of the statement of the second step of the revolution, the government has taken steps in the field of women and introduced women who are thinkers, activists, and activists to various governmental and governmental institutions by activating this community in the Islamic world and all active women of the Islamic revolution in a movement The unit has moved forward to show Muslim women all over the world in line with this value creation and take a step towards the realization of the Mahdavi society and be a platform for emergence.

Women in Islamic society are the guardians of social chastity.

In the spiritual and mystical worldview, a woman is a ray of beauty. Just as God is the creator, the woman also has the role of creation; a woman is a manifestation of the creator in the form of a creature, which is also a particular order. As the center of the family and the valuable role of a mother, a woman can raise righteous children in her pure lap and expand this practical human cycle based on chastity and modesty. Therefore, if the women of the society consider this valuable role of theirs and know what good place they have in the human cycle of the world, they can have a global view regarding their presence and position in the world and form the foundations of generation and social chastity correctly.

Fulfilling the wishes of the Imams of the revolution

In the school of the founder of the great Islamic revolution, women as the most critical human position must be valued; Imam Khomeini (RA) gave importance to the growth and perfection of women for the reason that he considered women to be the means of growth and excellence of societies and nations. They were sure that if the critical role of humanization of women were maintained, the community would grow and develop.

The Supreme Leader also considers women one of the most sensitive, delicate, lasting, and influential roles in the movement of human history and the course of humanity toward perfection.

In the sum of the words of both honorable men, the advantageous position of women in the Islamic world and the Islamic revolution must be protected. In line with this critical task, the community of women of the Islamic Revolution intends to achieve the goals of women in the direction of value creation by preserving the dignity and high position of women. and their activism and introduction to advance the purposes of the leaders of the revolutionary movement, and in this way, to create extensive synergy and networking in the Islamic world.

Value creation of women; Deprivation and elimination of poverty in economic, cultural, and social fields

As the origin of beauty and usury, a woman has the most apparent value in herself. She spreads and nurtures this value and other moral and religious values among other members of society. Women are the creators of value. By relying on the power they see from their Lord in creation and upbringing, they can develop and bring to existence the highest and purest material and spiritual values among different members of society.

Activity in all fields requires the presence of a person who, in addition to creativity, is equipped with the spirit and nurturing power, and who can be better and more complete for this task than a woman? Since to achieve any development, one must first see the existing situation and have a coherent and implementable plan to achieve the desired position, looking at the current situation in various fields, including economic, cultural, and social, shows the audience the existence of poverty and the need to disenfranchise will be one of the first steps in the program of organizing the women of the Islamic Revolution. Deprivation is in these areas that, by bringing our Islamic society to balanced conditions, it provides the basis for growth and prosperity for our beloved Iran to reach the heights of prosperity, power, and honor.

Social justice and the high status of women from the point of view of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad

In recent years, looking at social justice under the title of gender justice in women’s affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been investigated in public and private institutions. However, gender justice, which requires accurate and correct implementation in the laws and customs of the Islamic system, is a different concept from what is being implemented. Effective social justice is a concept parallel to the difference between justice and equality between men and women. In the field of women, the oppressive West uses the term “equality” to achieve freedom, and this slogan guides women to achieve a goal other than the reality that women deserve. However, the religion of Islam and, accordingly, the Islamic Republic of Iran has a different view of the concept of equality and sees justice as more than equality to establish justice between men and women. The Holy Qur’an is a guidebook for humanity for every action, choice, and goal setting of human beings. In interpreting the life of the great prophet and imams, important strategic points are to be used in today’s human lifestyle. Using the book of God and Ahl al-Bayt Asmat, we have obtained the guarantee of the correctness of the path from the prophet of our kindness. The Women’s community of the Islamic Revolution has come to the field to implement social justice, which has reached us in the text of the Holy Qur’an and documented traditions narrated by the imams of Athar, to achieve an ideal society and lay the foundation for the emergence of the last savior.

Islamic awakening; Patience and resistance of the women of the Islamic Revolution in Gaza, Yemen, and Syria

Iran’s Islamic Revolution and the prominent role of Iranian women in bringing it to fruition inspired many movements worldwide. Especially after the beginning of the Islamic awakening movement in the Arab countries, we saw how women in countries like Yemen, Syria, and Palestine played a vital role in defending their countries’ rights and national honor with their patience and resistance against international sanctions and civil war.

The image of the mothers of Palestinian martyrs in Gaza, who distribute sweets in the streets after the successful protests of Palestine against the Zionist regime, is one of these symbolic images. The Islamic Revolution Women’s community praises these women as examples of resistance and steadfastness against hardships and difficulties and tries to promote support and solidarity with them.

The expansion of cooperation and synergy between Iranian women and these revolutionary women in other countries can help develop and promote the discourse of the Islamic Revolution, a living and dynamic phenomenon equal to the declaration of the second step of the Islamic Revolution.

Jihad of Clarification, giving identity to the women’s society

The explanation of women’s identity in the domestic and international arena is a matter of theory and commandment and one of the most influential and fundamental building blocks for forming women’s presence in Islamic society.

For this purpose and to realize the ideals of the revolution and according to the orders from the imams, we are taking steps to elevate and clarify the identity of women and women’s society. As a member of the family, women should be considered for the improvement of social culture. Since each person’s personality can be formed mainly during the mother’s pregnancy, it is essential to consider family identity as the cornerstone of a woman’s identity in Islamic society.

Women’s identity from the period before the mother’s pregnancy, pregnancy, and after birth is considered more when we consider the woman’s role as the constituent of half of society and the educator and nurturer of the other half. In the meantime, if we draw the growth stages of a woman in different stages, we can see the role and importance of the family in shaping the identity. On the other hand, the presence of women in the field of social influence is so undeniable that with a glance at any action that has been taken without the presence of women, it is easy to understand that it was an incomplete work and its quantity was weak.

As a complement to men, women should play a role in all social and private fields so that practical steps can be taken to achieve goals. Finally, shaping and strengthening the social identity of women in various fields in the Islamic Republic is also on the agenda of this Community.

Realization of inflation control and production growth; With effort and solidity

Inflation control and production growth will be realized in the conditions that all the organs, departments, associations, and people of the nation consider this as their personal and social duty and implement it in all aspects of their life and work; in this regard, for example, in controlling inflation.

Governmental institutions such as banks should reduce intermediate debts, and the currency should reach a fixed rate; in the growth of production, the associations should make all their efforts to identify and activate the producers; they should know their duties and use domestic products for domestic growth. And also, the devices provide the production platform with suitable conditions for the producer to facilitate the environment of receiving working capital. In 1402, the need for a unique look at the production of Islamic products in the clothing and textile industry was strongly felt; the factories that had been closed in recent years would be activated, and the new platforms for starting production with suitable facilities will be put at the service of capable producers. Also, the need for the media to introduce these products has created a gap between producers and consumers; Therefore, all production areas must have special media to present and introduce these designs and products, especially for Islamic clothing products.

This community seeks to take a practical step by identifying capable women in various fields, empowering them, and introducing them to institutions and organizations. The presence of women in the area of governance can open new horizons for the progress of society. According to its responsibilities as a political and cultural institution, it will strive to protect and protect women’s rights and, in this way, the hands of all women and officials interested in Cultural, media, and chastity activities in a safe and transparent environment

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