May 31, 2023

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Iran hacks three hostile aircraft: commander

TEHRAN- A commander has said Iran recently hacked into three hostile aircraft that were flying close to the nation’s air border for spying.

The managing director of Iran Electronics Industries, a division of the Ministry of Defense, emphasized the nation’s advancements in thwarting enemy electronic warfare in an interview with Tasnim.

According to Brigadier General Amir Rastegari, Iranian experts have developed cutting-edge technology that is utilized in electronic warfare to identify and take action against a variety of wavelengths and frequencies.

He also said that Iran can now keep an eye on all electromagnetic spectrum and launch the required offensive operations against them.

Rastegari added one of the three hostile aircraft flew within Iran’s aerial borders and distributed waves to acquire data, but Iranian personnel blocked the plane’s communications.

“The hostile plane’s pilot believed the aircraft systems were malfunctioning, so he contacted the base to report his return from the operation,” General Rastegari stated, adding, “Iran had a record of his communications.”

The general said two other hostile aircraft made a joint reconnaissance flight into Iran the next day, but both were deterred by homegrown equipment since Iran now has the capacity to operate in that particular bandwidth.

He said that when the two aircraft became aware that they were being jammed by Iranian ground devices, they informed their base that they would not be able to complete the operation.

Based on his remarks, Iran is capable of fending off attacks that are hundreds of kilometers away. 

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