May 29, 2023

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Hospitals equipped with 95% Iranian-made systems

TEHRAN – Some 95 percent of equipment that has been installed in hospitals across the country is Iranian-made.

Medical equipment is one of the most expensive products, whose import imposes a heavy financial burden on the country’s economy.

For years, technologists have been trying to reduce these costs, IRNA reported.  

Now, these efforts have come to fruition, the result of which is equipping hospitals with systems that are 95 percent made inside the country.

Medical equipment is an important part of the country’s healthcare and treatment sector so imports impose a high cost on the country’s economy.

To overcome this problem, dependence on the import of medical equipment should be stopped and by increasing job creation in this field, we should reduce costs and increase productivity.

Currently, some 1,300 manufacturing and knowledge-based companies with around 30,000 experts and specialists are working in the field of medical equipment in the country.

Also, some $800 million worth of medical equipment is produced in the country and there is the capacity to increase the figure to $2 billion.

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has launched 25 plans to boost the production of medical equipment and supplies using capacities of the domestic technological ecosystem.

A high amount of foreign currency is spent on the import of medical equipment and supplies annually, IRNA reported.

Despite the fact that in the last few years, Iranian specialists have proven their significant ability and knowledge in producing high-quality products, medical equipment is imported on a large scale.

Therefore, 25 plans have been started using the capacity of the technological ecosystem and innovation for boosting the production of medical equipment and necessities.

“Six plans for the production of medical imaging devices”, “a plan for the production of cardiovascular stents”, “ten plans for raw materials for the production line of medical equipment”, “four plans for the production of blood glucose meters and test strips” and “four plans for the production of biomaterials” are some of the projects that are supposed to be implemented.

Meanwhile, Iran expects to increase the exports of medicine to around $200 million in the current year that started on March 21, from some $60 million last year.

“The increase in drug production is supported by stable supply for exports, and our forecast for exports in the current year is $200 million,” IRNA quoted Heidar Mohammadi, the head of the Food and Drug Administration, as saying.

Currently, the production of medicine, medical equipment, and powdered milk is supported by subsidies. So, their exports were very limited, but it is hoped that their exports will increase next year, he explained.

Referring to the shortage of 100 drug items in the country, he said: “Currently, nearly one and a half percent of the country’s pharmaceutical need is imported. Along with domestic production, it is done as soon as the domestic production meets the demand.”

According to Food and Drug Administration, some $60 million worth of medicine was exported in the calendar year 1400 (March 2021-March 2022).

The figure was about $180 million in the year 1397 (March 2018-March 2019). The country imports some $1 billion of drugs per year.


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