November 28, 2023

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Glazed potteries, bronze objects unearthed in ancient port town

TEHRAN – Archaeologists have found arrays of glazed pottery fragments, engraved earthenware, bronze objects, and glass shards during an urgent excavation project currently underway at an ancient port town near Chabahar, southeast Iran.

“We have launched urgent archaeological excavations aimed to discover artifacts buried in untouched sections of the historical port town of Tis, which is situated near Chabahar,” archaeologist Nozar Heydari said on Sunday.

Fragments of engraved earthenware, bronze objects, glass shards, and pieces of glazed pottery are among relics being discovered so far, the archaeologist said.

Supervised by the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, the project is aimed to shed new light on the ancient site as a preliminary stage for its possible registration on the national list for cultural heritage, Heydari explained.

Historically, Chabahar (and its neighboring villages) has been one of the most important centers of human settlement, serving as a bridge to connect southeast Iran to other civilizations, including the southern Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Chabahar is the only ocean port in Iran and the best and easiest access route of the middle Asian countries to free waters.


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