June 4, 2023

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From adventure to culture: experience Iran like a local

TEHRAN – Traveling has always been about getting to know new cultures. Today’s travelers frequently want more from their vacations than just relaxing on a beach, going to a crowded tourist attraction, or touring a museum. Travelers today want more from their trips than the typical tourist experience.

A growing trend in the travel industry is experience tourism in which a typical traveler engages in specific activities selected destination.

Instead of simply visiting famous landmarks and tourist attractions, visitors can participate in activities such as cooking sessions, traditional handicraft workshops, and cultural events. It gives them a chance to learn more about a country’s history, culture, and people in a fun and engaging way.

From another perspective, due to consumers’ preference to spend their money on experiences rather than things, experience tourism is increasingly becoming the norm on a global scale. Instead of focusing on crossing must-see sites and monuments off the to-do list, the emphasis is now on seeking out activities that appeal to niche personal interests.

Iran has always been a country rich in history, culture, and traditions. From ancient Persian civilizations to Islamic arts and architecture, the country has countless treasures that attract tourists from around the world. With experience-based tourism, visitors can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of these treasures.

One of the most popular experience-based tourism activities in Iran is food tourism. Iranian cuisine is renowned for its unique blend of flavors and spices, and visitors can participate in cooking classes where they learn to prepare traditional dishes like kebab, stews, and rice pilaf. This type of activity not only teaches visitors to cook Iranian food but also provides an opportunity to learn about Iranian food culture and the importance of hospitality in Iranian society.

Another experience-based activity in Iran is handicraft workshops. Iranian handicrafts are famous for their quality, beauty, and unique designs. Visitors can participate in workshops where they learn the techniques used to make traditional Persian carpets, pottery, and textiles. Visiting artisans in their workshops and interacting with them is a great way to learn more about Iranian culture and way of life.

Beyond cooking classes and handicraft workshops, Iran also offers many other experience-based activities, such as traditional performances, herbal medicine workshops, and agricultural activities like harvesting and gardening. Visitors can also gain firsthand experience with local communities, interact with Iranians in their homes, schools, and workplaces, and share meals, conversations, and laughter.

Experience-based tourism is an excellent way for visitors to explore every corner of the ancient land and it also benefits local communities by providing employment and income opportunities, preserving and promoting Iranian traditions and culture, and fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

By participating in experience-based tourism activities, visitors can leave with a deeper and more meaningful experience and a better understanding of the country and its people.

Tourism is one of the evolving industries in Iran, generating billions of dollars of revenue each year. Iran expects to reap a bonanza from its numerous tourist spots such as bazaars, museums, mosques, bridges, bathhouses, madrasas, mausoleums, churches, towers, and mansions, of which 26 are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


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