June 4, 2023

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Creating margins is prohibited

 In its editorial, the Iran newspaper addressed the enemy’s strategy to create peripheral issues, which is sometimes accompanied by the negligence of some officials in the country.

It wrote: In a sensitive situation that we have entered a new turn in international relations and Iran’s role is undeniable, marginalization, intentionally or unintentionally, is not acceptable. 

 The way to solve the problems is clear, and the synergy of forces will invalidate the move to keep the officials busy with marginal and secondary affairs, because the people’s livelihood and economy are the main issues of the country.

Etemad: Warning to those seeking to create bipolarism 

Etemad wrote in an analysis written by the former government spokesperson. He said: A polarized society with many dichotomies has never reached a common understanding and there is no understanding to solve problems and developing the country.  Undoubtedly, the desire of Iran’s malevolents is to undermine the country’s territorial integrity, mental integrity and the society’s intellectual cohesion.  Regardless of the efforts of foreigners, these multiple dichotomies are the result of processes that are mainly the result of policies inconsistent with the society.  In this column, I don’t intend to deal with multiple dichotomies, but without a doubt, we need positive statements for a peaceful transition from the conditions that have been affecting the society for a long time and have turned the minds of all Iran-lovers towards themselves.  In my opinion, the Leader of the revolution’s clear strategies in the Eid al-Fitr prayer that the desire and opinion of the enemy is to create rifts and provoke differences among people and that all tastes and viewpoints should live together with kindness in the country can be a focus for understanding and cooperation between the government and the nation, and also social institutions.

Hamshahri: People’s message to authorities

 In its editorial, Hamshahri discussed the dimensions of the spiritual presence of the people in the Ramadan ceremonies and considered this presence as a sign of people’s unity.  According to the newspaper, people’s unity carries several messages for the officials, which are as follows:

First principle: Unity is only for worshipers.  It is not possible for falsifiers to unite.  Their collapse is certain.  An example is the flow of foreign thugs and Pahlavi remnants who like open-eyed wolves sleep in front of each other.
 Second principle:  Unity is only for those who are helper. They are the people who are tolerant and considerate.  Assist and help is not only economic. It is in all dimensions.  Those who see their own camp as inclusive love each and feel sad for their material and spiritual sustenance. They are also empathetic with people.

Third principle: To know the enemy and rising against it. To know the main enemy and confronting it is the basic principle in unity.  Otherwise, they will be caught in internal margins and disputes.

 Fourth principle: To rely on the people’s Imam.  Unity is not possible without a unifying principle.  Unity requires a central point and connection.  The Leader is the unifying point of the society.

Javan: Unity of the society a rational obligation

 In its editorial, Javan discussed the recent statements of the Leader of the revolution about the need for people’s unity. It wrote: The unity of people with different opinions and persuasions is a “rational obligation”.  If the government wants to implement religious decrees and rules, it is clear that it will be possible in the conditions of unity in the society, not in conditions in which there is no unity and cohesion.  The enemy seeks another achievement from undermining national unity in the case of the hijab, and basically, wearing or not wearing hijab is not a final goal for them. They do not have humane intentions and don’t care about human rights.  It is clear that they are looking for something else.

Arman-e-Emrooz: Competition in the principlists’ camp

In a commentary, Arman-e-Emrooz addressed the competitions among the principlists. It wrote: After almost 2 years since the principlists took over the control of the top 3 branches of the government, the differences between the members of the camp have gradually increased.  This alarm of differences within the camp has increased to such an extent that even the Leader warned them in the Eid al-Fitr sermons to cooperate with each other by putting aside differences.  In view of a united principlist government and parliament, it seems that some divisions are clearly visible among them.  Some principlists, who are now called “new principlists”, accuse the Resilience Front of totalitarianism in Iran’s political arena; and on the other hand, it is the Resilience Front who use every way to criticize the new group of principlists who have gathered around (parliament speaker) Mohammed Baqer Qalibaf and accuse them of deviating from the path of the revolution, and in this regard, they are demanding more unity in the parliament. The Resilience Front, who have won many seats in the parliament and took managerial posts in the government, are trying to increase their number in the parliament and also in the government in the Esfand (March) elections.

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/483972/Creating-margins-is-prohibited

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