May 29, 2023

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A strategy for victory

TEHRAN- An Iranian proverb states: “The well must have its own water.” This means that if something does not have the capability, positive change cannot be imposed on it by external factors.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s emphasis on the strategy of the Islamic world regarding the Palestine issue also highlights this issue. In his Saturday speech, he emphasized that this strategy should help resistance fighters inside Palestine. This means that the main and fundamental struggle against the Israeli regime is carried out by the resistance forces inside the occupied territories, and others play a complementary role in this regard.

Since the formation of the fake Israeli regime in the mid-twentieth century, Arab countries have made two major mistakes in dealing with this issue. The first was to consider the Palestine issue as a racial and Arab issue. Whereas the issue went beyond the conflict between Arabs and Israel, and all Islamic countries regardless of their beliefs, language, and race should have been involved. The second mistake was that in several confrontations and wars they started against Israel, they did not pay attention to a key issue: That is, without having fighting forces inside the occupied territories, the likelihood of victory over the Israeli army is very weak if not impossible.

When 30 years ago, the PLO made a deal with the Israeli regime, Israelis imagined that the issue of struggle and resistance inside Palestine had largely eroded, but over time it became clear that this assumption was completely wrong. Not only did the flame of resistance in Palestine not extinguish, but even those who thought that they could score points against Israel through compromise and establish a country called Palestine on paper, finally came to the conclusion that this occupying regime understands nothing but force.

The emphasis of the Leader of the Revolution on the fact that the Islamic world’s strategy should focus on strengthening the fighting elements inside Palestine indicates that he knows well that the Israel regime will ultimately collapse from inside; first with the resistance and perseverance of Palestinian fighters for liberation of Jerusalem, and second with the chaotic and shaky situation inside the regime, which is facing fundamental contradictions and rifts.

Israel and its number one supporter, the United States, hoped that with the Abraham Accords, the Palestinian issue would be forgotten in the Islamic world and it would no longer be a priority. However, recent events have shown that this plan has failed and the few traitorous rulers from Islamic countries will not be able to put Palestine into oblivion.

Developments in Palestine are undergoing fundamental changes. The resistance front has entered a new phase of coordination and convergence in various fields and instead Israel is facing decline from various dimensions. As the Leader of the Revolution emphasized, the Israeli regime has lost its deterrent power. Global developments are also in favor of the Palestinian people. Palestine is no longer just an Arab issue. Even non-Muslims express their opposition to occupation as they are aware of the situation. Just as the apartheid regime in South Africa ultimately collapsed, the fate of this fake regime will not be any different.

 Mohammad Sarfi is Editor-in-chief of Tehran Times

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