March 25, 2023

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Volleyball expert Karkhaneh extols Iran’s volleyball league

TEHRAN – Iranian Volleyball expert Mostafa Karkhaneh believes that the Volleyball Super League has been among the most attractive leagues in the world in the recent years.

Haraz Amol and Shahdab Yazd qualified for the final match of the super league by beating Peykan and Pas Gorgan, respectively, on Friday.

“All eight teams in the play-off stage had high quality and did their best,” said Karkhaneh in his interview with Tehran Times.

“The teams that qualified to the semi-finals and even the ones that didn’t, all of them were strong and deserved to be in the highest positions,

“The matches were hard fought and very close and there were no vast differences in the level of the teams. It is good news for the Iranian volleyball that the league has reached such standards in the quality of the players and coaches.

“I’m really optimistic about the country’s volleyball because this season’s super league promises s bright future for the sport in Iran,” added the former head coach of Iran volleyball team and the current member of the technical committee of the Iranian volleyball federation.

When asked about the finalists of the super league, Karkhaneh said: “Haraz Amol beat one of the greatest teams in Iran and Asia, Paykan, in a two-legged tie. It was a monumental achievement for them and they deserved to be in the final with such a performance.

“Normally, the team that win the first game in a two-legged tie, control the match in the second round and the same thing happened for Haraz Amol against Paykan. Behrouz Ataei’s side deserved to reach the final because they were at the top of the league table for more than half of this season,” he said.

“Shahdab also did a great job against Pas Gorgan. However, Pas had some financial problems and despite these problems, their players played with all their heart,” Karkhaneh concluded.

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