March 25, 2023

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Russia applauds deal between Iran, Saudi Arabia to repair ties

TEHRAN- The new deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia to thaw their estranged ties after seven years has been praised by the Russian foreign minister.

Sergei Lavrov made the statement during a phone conversation with his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, on Monday.

Iran and Saudi Arabia ultimately reached an agreement on Friday to reestablish diplomatic ties and reopen embassies and missions within two months after three days of intense discussions hosted and mediated by China.

The fulfillment of long-term cooperation agreements negotiated between Tehran and Moscow were also a topic of conversation between the two foreign ministers.

The top diplomats also discussed the upcoming summit between Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Syria, which is intended to speed up the resolution of ongoing issues between Syria and its northern neighbor, Turkey.

The most recent events in Ukraine were another subject that came up during the phone call.

The Iranian foreign minister emphasized Iran’s unequivocal position that the Ukrainian crisis must be resolved politically and through negotiation.

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the two foreign ministers also addressed technical collaboration between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

‘Iran cherishes any resolution that would guarantee truce in Yemen’

Amir Abdollahian and UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg also discussed strategies for a peaceful resolution to the Yemen conflict during a meeting on Monday in Tehran.

Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian reiterated Tehran’s support for any political resolution that would guarantee a long-lasting truce to the Yemen conflict and abolish the embargo on the Arab nation for delivery of humanitarian aid.

According to the website of the foreign ministry, Amir Abdollahian emphasized that Iran embraces the continuation of ceasefire in Yemen as well as the lifting of the cruel siege and the resolution of the crisis within the framework of dialogue among Yemeni factions.

He stated that Iran supports any talks that contribute to bringing about peace and stability to Yemen.

The foreign minister also reiterated Iran’s support for the UN secretary general’s initiatives and his decision to send a special envoy to investigate the situation.

Grundberg, for his part, urged Iran to assist the UN in bringing about peace to Yemen.

He emphasized that the UN is sincere in its commitment to concentrating on a diplomatic resolution to the Yemen crisis.

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