March 29, 2023

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Ocean City Film Festival awards Iran’s “Isatis”

TEHRAN – Iranian documentary “Isatis” won an award for best feature film at the 7th season of the Ocean City Film Festival, which took place from March 2 to 5 in Ocean City, Maryland.

Directed by Alireza Dehqan, “Isatis” is about one man’s journey to the desert in central Iran.

Isatis is the first adobe city and the second historical city in the world. Water, wind, soil and fire narrate the story of this thousands-year-old city. The water story is described by the people who built aqueducts in Isatis, a town in the heart of the desert. The story of the wind is told by the city of wind catchers from the people who conquered the wind to survive in a hot and dry city. 

The story of the soil is narrated by people who constructed the world’s oldest adobe city. The story of the sacred fire is related from Zoroastrian masters to huge factories. The story of the kind dialogue between religions and the scent of faith is also told. The secret to perfection and peaceful permanence can be found only in harmony with nature.

“Against All Odds: Surviving the Holocaust”, a documentary by Paul Stuart Bachow won another best feature film award at the Ocean City Film Festival.

The film is a collective portrait of four people who eluded death during the Holocaust, each with an astonishing story to tell.

“Lilac Gulch” by Jason A. Young won the Between Worlds award.

The short family drama focuses on the adventure of a 12-year-old boy and his imaginary childhood friend as they embark on a quest to find a mystical place where parents never die.

“Powers: The Story of Jackie Powers” by Sean Thomas Mullen and Sam Raborg won the award for best comedy.

The Dark & Mysterious film award was given to “Welcome Home Eugene!” directed by Noah Jorgensen.

The Audience Choice Awards went to “Dance with Me” by Joe Weiner, “Hedgehog” by D. Mitry, “The Longest Cast” by Jasia Armstrong Kaulbach, “Automat” by Lisa Hurwitz, “The Ghost of Westriver” by Charlie Knott and “High Stakes Hoops” by Jack Bloomfield, Amelia Jarecke and Reese Levin.

This year’s Ocean City Film Festival included over 70 films from local and international filmmakers plus parties, mixers, panels and filmmaker Q&As.

Photo: A scene from the Iranian documentary “Isatis” directed by Alireza Dehqan.


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