March 29, 2023

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Nearly 39,000 tons of red meat produced in a month

TEHRAN- Production of red meat in Iran stood at 38,974 tons in the eleventh month of the current Iranian calendar year (January 21-February 19), showing 24 percent fall compared to the same month in the past year.

As reported, beef and veal had the lion’s share in the country’s red meat output during the eleventh month with 20,563 tons, followed by lamb and mutton with 14,986 tons, goat meat with 2,554 tons, and red meat from other livestock with 871 tons. 

As reported, the amount of red meat supplied in the official slaughterhouses of the country in the eleventh month of this year has also dropped five percent compared to the tenth month.

Iran is among the leading consumers of red meat in the West Asia region with lamb being the most sought-after.

However, the consumption per person is around a third of what is normally seen in countries like the U.S. and Australia, mainly due to the prohibition of pork in Islamic law.

The major part of Iran’s red meat imports comes from countries like Brazil, where Iranian supervisors directly control culling methods to ensure they comply with religious rules.


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