March 25, 2023

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Nature lovers mark daffodils in Marzanabad

TEHRAN–An open-air festival brought together thousands of nature lovers in Marzanabad on Wednesday to mark daffodils, which symbolize the eye in Iranian culture.

The festival was held to promote travels to the northern Iranian town, traditional cultivation of the daffodils, and local rituals and attractions, a local tourism official said on Wednesday.

In addition, the event staged local performances, and sales exhibitions of indigenous handicrafts, cousins, souvenirs, and organic products.

In Persian culture and literature, the daffodil symbolizes the eye, usually the eye of the beloved. In poetry, the beloved is likened to the daffodil because of its leafless and green stem, which is hollowed out, straw-like, and curved, which is associated with humility and dignity.

Situated in the direction of Karaj to Chalus, Marzanabad is a gateway to massive forests of oak, maple, beech, and oak apple trees. Chamois, ibex, panther, bear, and wolf are those animals that are seen among the forest trees and wild goat lives at the heights of this region.

The old names of this town have been Sa’dabad, Saeedabad, Marzaanabad, and Marzbanabad and its 1200-year-old history has been mentioned in historical books. This city is located among the Alborz foothills where Chalus and Bararud meet each other.


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