March 25, 2023

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Israel PM reiterates bogus claims in interview with anti-Iran media

TEHRAN – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Thursday his fake allegations against the Islamic Republic in an interview with an anti-Iran quasi-media outlet.

Speaking with Iran International, Netanyahu allegedly said that Tehran is “dangerously moving forward” in its nuclear program and close to “red lines.”

Netanyahu claimed that his primary motivation for rejoining the cabinet was to allegedly prevent Iran from achieving nuclear “threshold power” status.

He again concocted claims regarding the IAEA’s recent statement that it had discovered uranium particles with an 84 percent purity, saying “Israel won’t accept Iran reaching a nuclear threshold.”

When asked about the internal challenges in fulfilling his ambitions against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, he purportedly responded that “I never lose focus on the danger from the Islamic regime – never.”

His response to a question about any possible military strike on Iran was totally hilarious: “It depends on Iran.”

The recent trip of IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to Tehran was received with vitriol by the hawkish premier when the UN nuclear watchdog chief said that any attack on any nuclear facility violates international law.

Netanyahu called his remarks as “totally wrong and inappropriate,” reiterating his past claims about maintaining the regime’s security.

In his most recent argument, Israeli opposition leader MK Yair Lapid threatened to reveal Netanyahu’s falsehoods about “Israel’s military readiness against Iran.”

“If Netanyahu does not stop lying about the preparedness on the Iranian issue, I will be forced to explain all the gaps and neglect he was responsible for until we replaced him. I suggest that he talk less about the issue and above all do more,” Lapid tweeted.

He made the comment following Netanyahu’s falsehood regarding the regime’s capability to deal with Iran.      

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