November 28, 2023

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Iranian piano prodigies honored at 2023 American Music Talent Competition

TEHRAN – Three piano prodigies from Iran have been awarded at the 2023 American Music Talent Competition.

Selina Sadat Shekrabi and Barsam Akbari were among the third-place winners in the 5-10 age category, and Roham Abdolhosseini took a third prize in the 11-14 age category as the organizers announced winters last week.

All the children were taught by Mohammadreza Ajdari.

Nine-year-old Selina selected “Faryad” (“Cry”), composed by Anushirvan Rohani, to play for the competition.

“I practiced playing the piece every day for two months and I’m very happy that I could take the place for the first time for my country,” said nine-year-old Selina.

Ten-year-old Barsam performed “Zepiur”, composed by Andre Arzumanian, for the competition.

12-year-old Roham recorded “Revolutionary Étude” or “Étude on the Bombardment of Warsaw”, a solo piano work by Frederic Chopin, to send to the competition.

He thanked his teacher, Ajdari, and his parents for their support after winning the prize.

The winners were selected by a jury comprising tenor Stanley Cornett, a recipient of the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award, pianist Neil  Rutman, conductor Ronald J. Gretz, chamber player and teacher Vera Danchenko-Stern, associate professor and vocal coach Eileen Cornett, pianist Jack Dou, violist Yuan  Qi, and bass-baritone and vocal educator Chunfeng Li.

Organized by the American Youth Musician Union, the American Music Talent Competition is an international contest open to all school students and adult solo performers, ensembles, and small orchestras of all nationalities and countries.

All instruments, including piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and voice are welcome to participate in the audition. 

Participants are required to submit a video recording as a part of their application materials to enter the audition.

Photo: Iranian piano prodigies Selina Sadat Shekrabi (L), Roham Abdolhosseini (C) and Barsam Akbari pose in an undated photo.


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