May 28, 2024

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Iranian petchem companies ink 34 MOUs with domestic knowledge-based firms

TEHRAN – Iranian petrochemical companies based in the country’s Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (Petzone) have signed 34 memorandums of understanding (MOU) with domestic knowledge-based firms for meeting their technological needs, Shana reported.

The MOUs were signed on Thursday in an event dubbed Petrofan Zone in southwestern Mahshahr city, Khuzestan Province, where the zone is located.

According to organizers, the Petrofan Zone event, which is held for the first time, is aimed at introducing the capabilities of the county’s knowledge-based companies active in the petrochemical sector in order to meet the technological needs of petrochemical companies.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the event, the managing director of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization said the organization will fully support the country’s knowledge-based companies in line with the current year’s motto which is Knowledge-based Production and Job Creation.

“In order to develop the petrochemical industry, we have no other way than to use knowledge-based companies and trust our young generation; knowledge-based firms are the most important drivers of the industrial sector,” Payam Barzegar said.

The Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization, which is a subsidiary of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), is responsible for promoting and developing the petrochemical complexes located in Petzone.

Petzone, which is considered the new gateway to Iran’s abundant oil and gas resources, began its activities in 1997 after receiving the respective authorization from the nation’s High Council for Free Trade and Industrial Zones. Diversity of feedstock, access to international waters, and availability of highly-qualified workforce are among the major advantages of this zone.


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