April 2, 2023

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Iran owes security, cohesion to martyrs: Raisi

TEHRAN – President Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi has hailed the legacy of Iranian martyrs, saying that the country is indebted to them for having security, unity, cohesion, greatness and authority. 

Speaking in the commemoration ceremony of Martyr’s Day, which was held on Monday evening at the Salman Farsi Mosque of the Presidential Administration with the presence of a group of martyrs’ families, Ayatollah Raisi said, “Martyr’s Day is important because once again the name, path, goal and destination of the martyrs is reminded to everyone,” according to a readout by the official website of the Iranian presidency.

Raisi said the security, unity, cohesion, as well as greatness and authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the result of the pure blood of the martyrs. “Since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the enemies have sought to create despair and hopelessness in the people with all kinds of conspiracies, seditions and discords, but martyrs taught us not by words, but by actions that we can overcome problems by relying on God.”

He described the pure blood of the martyrs as a huge capital and support for the country against conspiracies and enmities, and noted, “Today, when the enemies want to dominate societies with the thoughts and behavior of modern ignorance, it is the pure blood of the martyrs that removes ignorance from our society.”

The president further described the recent riots in the country as a combined media, economic and cognitive war of the enemy with the aim of stopping the progress of the Iranian nation, saying, “The 44-year experience of the Islamic Republic has shown that the enemies have not gotten anywhere against Iranian nation.”

Stating that people today are more hopeful than ever despite the existence of some shortcomings, Raisi emphasized, “The proof of the truth of this claim is the large presence of people with different tastes in the magnificent and huge demonstrations on Feb. 11 this year.”

He said that appreciating the blood of martyrs requires serving their noble families and the implementation of their will in preserving the values and following the order of the Guardian Jurist. “The will of the martyrs is a source of inspiration for the actions of all officials and institutions of the system to a bright path.”

Stating that the blood of the martyrs is the guarantor of the Revolution, the country and the Islamic Republic system, the cleric president stated, “Since the essence of this system and the revolution is mixed with the pure blood of martyrs, the Islamic system does not accept any kind of corruption.”

In another part of his speech, Raisi called for the protection of the culture of chastity and hijab in society, for the rights of the families of the martyrs, and to act according to religious and legal necessity, stating, “Today, paying attention to and respecting the law is accepted and agreed upon by all citizens, because the country should be governed by the law and disregarding the law should not be tolerated.”

Referring to the efforts of the enemies to spread anarchy, disorder and lawlessness in the country with complex tricks, Raisi said, “Today, the plot of the enemies is to close education by causing concern among students and their parents and to close business by causing disruption in the economic system, but this time they will fail and will not go anywhere.”


Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/482935/Iran-owes-security-cohesion-to-martyrs-Raisi

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