March 21, 2023

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Iran has built missiles able to hit warships at distance of 1500 km

TEHRAN – Iran’s armed forces chief announced on Monday that the Iranian military has developed a highly advanced a ballistic missile that is able to strike warships and aircraft carriers 1,500 kilometers away, the Army’s public relations office said.

The missile has been tested successfully and is being mass produced, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said.

Boasting the achievement, Bagheri said Iran is now among the only three countries in the world that have mastered the technology to produce such missiles.

The new ballistic missile will guarantee security at the seas around Iran, the military chief said, adding hostile targets in the sea will not be safe anymore at a distance of 1,500 kilometers.

“By having such a missile, a considerable security with a radius of over 1000 kilometers will be created at seas around us.”

The missile streaks in outer space with a speed of Mach 8 and can hit moving targets with pinpoint accuracy, the commander explained.

“In such a situation,” he said, “hostile aircraft carriers and warships will no longer have security at a distance of 1,500 kilometers.”

The top general added, “These achievements have been gained by talented youth.”

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