May 28, 2024

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Iran Denies Alleged Plot to Attack Jewish Sites in Greece

“Iran strongly denies the rumors spread by Zionist sources and their baseless accusations against Iran. It is obvious that their fabricated scenarios are meant to divert the public’s attention from their internal crisis,” the diplomatic mission wrote on social media. The statement comes one day after the Greek police reported that it had busted a “terrorist network” with the help of the national intelligence agency, EYP, arresting two Pakistanis on suspicion of plotting attacks on a Jewish restaurant and a synagogue. The plot was allegedly orchestrated by a man in Tehran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Israeli intelligence agency Mossad for helping Greece take down the alleged extremist network, while Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen accused Tehran of “exporting terrorism” to the Middle East and beyond.The “internal crisis” the diplomatic mission referred to was not specified but the diplomatic mission was likely referencing the ongoing judicial reform protests that have seen weeks long protests number in the hundreds of thousands throughout Israel.Original News :