June 4, 2023

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Iran defense chief condemns aggression against Syria territorial integrity

TEHRAN – Iran’s top defense official voiced support for Syria’s territorial integrity in a meeting with his Syrian counterpart in Tehran on Sunday.

“We condemn any attack on the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria,” Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said in a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Ali Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel makes frequent attacks on the territorial integrity of Syria in violation of international law. 

“We condemn any attack on the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria and we believe that this fake regime only understands the language of force and power. That regime should not be allowed to be more arrogant,” the Iranian defense minister remarked.

The Iranian defense chief also lambasted the illegal presence of American forces in Syria.

“The illegitimate and illegal presence of the occupying forces in the Syrian territory is a source of insecurity and destruction, therefore, while emphasizing the territorial integrity of Syria, we emphasize the necessity of the withdrawal of all the occupying forces, especially the American occupation forces,” Ashtiani remarked. 

* Some U.S. forces are still located in areas of northeastern Syria, such as Hassakeh and Raqqa provinces.

The Iranian defense minister also lauded the close ties between Iran and Syria in the fight against terrorism.   “Today, a large part of the strategic depth of the two countries is due to the mixing of the blood of Iranian and Syrian fighters in the fight against terrorist and takfiri groups.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian defense minister pointed out that common enemies have failed to undermine the deep and heart-felt relationship between Tehran and Damascus.

He added, “Fortunately, the relations between the two countries are experiencing one of the best historical periods.”

Referring to the importance and role of Syria in the chain of resistance, the Iranian defense minister emphasized the necessity of strengthening and boosting the national and defense power of the country, according to Nour News. 

The top Iranian military figure also said the economic war on Syria is a continuation of the military and political war against the country. 

He said his country “is ready to share its experiences in facing the economic war with its Syrian brothers.”

For his part, the Syrian defense minister, while expressing his satisfaction with the trip to Tehran, said, “This meeting and discussion shows the peak of cooperation with the Iranian brothers in the fight against terrorism and the security of the region.”

Abbas appreciated the role of Iran in this regard by referring to the epic fights and bravery of the Axis of Resistance to maintain the security of the region and said, “We are trying to improve and expand the level of relations and cooperation.”

Iran and Syria enjoy strong relations. And Iran has recently welcomed a thaw in Syria-Arab relations. A recent trip by Arab parliament speakers and senior legislators to Syria is a positive step toward Islamic solidarity, Iran said, emphasizing that dialogue and regional approaches can solve the woes in the region.

“The recent progress in relations between Arab countries and Syria, including the visit by Arab parliamentary delegations to Damascus to express solidarity with Syria following the recent devastating earthquake, in addition to being a realistic approach, is a positive step toward Islamic solidarity,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani tweeted on Tuesday.

According to Press TV, Kanaani added that regional countries will be able to resolve their problems through “dialogue and regional mechanisms” if they act realistically, adopt an independent national stance, and pay no heed to the demands of the hegemonic powers.

The high-profile Arab lawmakers visited Damascus on Feb. 26 amid attempts by certain countries, above all Iraq, to restore Syria’s membership in the Arab League, more than a decade after it was suspended from the 22-member bloc.

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