April 2, 2023

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Intelligence document: America is on decline

TEHRAN- Based on a confidential document, the entire U.S. Intelligence Community as desperately acknowledged Washington’s waning influence in the world whereas the other superpowers including Iran, China, and Russia are filling the void.

The Tehran Times has gained access to the confidential document signifying that more than 1000 hours of technical assessments are spent and over 10 drafts prepared for its final composition. 

It is worth saying that the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE), issued a confidential document indicating that the U.S. is on a losing streak in the era of Great Power Competition (GPC). 

As the growing China and revisionist Russia threaten major components of the post-Cold War international security and economic environment, the United States confronts a new era of great power competition.

In an endeavor to forge their own spheres of influence and visions for the global order, the two nations pursue different policies.

While the U.S. has the largest expenditure on military in the world it has a debilitating record in clinching strategic objectives. Furthermore, the Americans are used to crushing countries that encountered serious challenges. What about the superpowers? The answer is absolutely negative. 

According to the document, the U.S. strategic failures have derived from kowtowing to the “policy driven intelligence” instead of the “intelligence driven operation.” 

In other words, the DIE, accounting for more than 75% of the whole Intelligence Community (IC), is procuring kinds of intelligence that are in favor of the policy-makers’ expectations. 

Notwithstanding its sizable number of military expenditures, the U.S. intelligence community flies blind because it keeps feeding false food to the legislators and policy-makers regardless of its value and veracity. 

For example, the reasons behind relentless failures of Biden’s administration are due to the lack of objective intelligence serving the U.S. national strategies.

To put it more, U.S. intelligence community is specious in ushering the American policy-makers by providing politicized evaluation and gauging. In other words, IC/DIE are genuinely incapable of comprehending the world as it is but they tend to crystalize as they crave for. 

A substantial crisis in leadership is what can disrupt and destroy the entire U.S. intelligence community. 

Based on the points mentioned in the document, the U.S. has confessed that its national defense foundation is lapsing to develop and prosper to observe the dynamic shift in the global landscape while its rivals including Iran, China, and Russia are forging ahead with plans to grab opportunities in a bid to dwindle and cut U.S. leverage and hands in the world.

Certain countries of West Asia abiding by the U.S. policies are scrambling to be independent and put aside all orders coming from the western front. As a good example, the visit of China’s president to the Saudi kingdom has opened new horizons to the prospects of both countries while comparing with his American counterpart, Biden floundered to convince Saudi officials regarding oil price. 

The U.S. rivals are at least one step ahead in terms of evaluating and calibrating the intelligence in critical spheres. They showcased behemoths that are able to think critically and find appropriate way-outs for any possible challenges. 

With the emergence of imbalanced intelligence instilled by security-based firms and think tanks, the U.S. has falteringly fallen back its stance and positions, leaving every corner of the world to its rivals. 

Over the last decades, China has accelerated its economic activities and stuck in a financial bout to prance towards propensity in earnest but due to pompous and conceited policy-makers, the U.S. has just viewed such a splendid growth. The result is the lack of competency in both economy and politics but instead China has clung to economy and then tied global security to the economy. 

Consequently, the U.S. officials have vowed to launch a new security campaign to salvage its intelligence capacity for provision of more accurate and decisive data to capitalize on China and even other rivals. 

The U.S. intelligence community is prone to receive crashed and rash decisions owing to its dispersion and dissemination. To counter such a phenomenon, its authorities are struggling to process more efficiently with the collected intelligence. 

It stands to reason that the U.S. intelligence leadership failed to be cognizant of intelligence boundaries within which it works because of systemic leadership deficiencies in DIE/IC. 

The loops in cyber security are another U.S. Achilles’ heel, dealing cataclysmic blows to the lifeblood of its image and defense. This is exactly where its rivals fast-track their plans to become giants in this regard. In other words, the U.S. rivals are enjoying a large number of cyber-attacks against the U.S. infrastructure as well as its allies day in, day out without any fear or frustration.

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/482885/Intelligence-document-America-is-on-decline

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