March 24, 2023

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Dirty war

The poisoning of schoolgirls shows that Iran is facing an unprecedented enmity, even though such enmity is prohibited according to international conventions, the Resalat newspaper says in an opinion piece.

We are engaged in a limited and smart bioterrorism and chemical dirty war.

The United States and three evil European countries’ devilish plans were thwarted after the people announced their support for the Islamic Revolution, and they are now trying to take revenge on the people. Everyone knows they are behind this new conspiracy.

Their attempt to import weapons to Iran failed, and now they have resorted to chemical and biological weapons to compensate for their failure due to the people’s support for the Islamic Revolution.

The American and British support for the opposition did not go anywhere, so they used counter-revolutions and the opposition to sadism, and harass the people. Recent incidents in girls’ schools are a new opposition.

Along with the new evil and the dirty war, the Americans are also pursuing a currency war and a border war. The Islamic Republic continues its path with more hope and full confidence in the hybrid war.

Arman-e- Melli: Iran should solve safeguard issues, revive of JCPOA together

IAEA chief Rafael Grossi’s visit to Iran was evaluated positively by the media, but from Grossi’s words, it can be concluded that probably Iran and IAEA have not been able to resolve all the remaining issues, however, it cannot be said in this way that Iran and the IAEA have not reached solutions to solve some cases in Iran’s nuclear case, Arman-e-Melli says in a commentary.

  Mr. Grossi’s literature in Iran was milder than his tone in Vienna, but despite this, agreements have been made between Iran and the IAEA.

According to the report presented by Grossi to the IAEA Board of Governors, Tehran should start a special diplomacy in this field and accelerate its diplomacy so that both the nuclear case and returning to the 2015 nuclear deal are resolved together because the JCPOA and safeguard issues are intertwined. 

These days, the US and EU do not have a positive approach towards the JCPOA, so it is not possible to solve the cases separately.

Ham-Mihman: Iran’s isolation equals its fall

Mohammad Hossein Adeli, the former ambassador of Iran in Tokyo and London, said in an interview with Ham-Mihman daily that “Iran is an international country and cannot be isolated. Isolation for Iran is equal to decline and fall.”

Referring to China and some other countries’ experience in Southeast Asia getting out of isolation and making progress, Adeli said: Economic development as one of the most important components of national power will only be possible through smart interaction and cooperation with the world.

The continuation of the current situation is not advisable for Iran at all. Therefore, the solution is to get out of the current situation and to have relations and cooperation with all major economic and political players in the world.

In my opinion, we are in an economic war, the losses of which are even more than the eight-year war. We need de-escalation. We must agree on the nuclear file in such a way that it leads to the normalization of economic and commercial relations with the world.
We should join the FATF, and of course, the joining of the FATF can be done outside of the nuclear negotiation and should not be linked to the JCPOA.

Quds: Tehran should play independent role in relations with Ankara

The visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Turkey and his meeting with the diplomats of the country, before visiting Moscow, is one of the most critical events of recent days.

In an interview with political expert Ehsan Movahedian, the Quds newspaper writes Erdogan’s efforts to expand relations with neighboring countries are effective in the growth of Turkish society’s desire to elect him. 
In the past years, most of Turkey’s projects have harmed the interests of the Islamic Republic, and its policy in Syria and Iraq, the Caucasus region, has been to control energy resources and make the corridors unsafe. Therefore, Iran should take serious measures to avoid a state of confusion in diplomacy with Turkey.

He added: Maybe it would have been better for the foreign minister to travel to Moscow first and then go to Ankara. Since the issues between the three countries are related to Iran, the Foreign Ministry should take a smarter position in these cases. 

Iran should play an independent role in the Caucasus and relations with Turkey, and if Russia cannot play its role, Tehran should provide its interests by putting pressure on Turkey.

Farhikhtegan: Four reasons for Iran’s suspicion of IAEA

Iran is pessimistic about its cooperation with the IAEA for several reasons, Farhikhtegan comments.

Firstly, unfortunately, the political dimensions of Iran’s cooperation with the body have been more than its technical dimension.

  The second is the Agency’s excessive focus on Iran’s nuclear activities. A very large part of the surveillance carried out by the IAEA has been carried out in Iran.

  The third point is the cooperation and negotiations of the director general of the IAEA with Israeli officials. 

While Iran is a voluntary member of the NPT, Israel is not a member of the NPT and threatens the security of the region with its nuclear arsenal. But what Grossi says in Iran and calls for Israel’s membership in the NPT is not what he says in Tel Aviv!

Fourth, in past Iran’s nuclear scientists were assassinated and there were terrorist attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities, and this was due to the leak of Iran’s nuclear information by the IAEA.

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