March 25, 2023

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Israel Responsible for Isfahan Drone Attack, Iran’s Envoy to UN Says

The Iranian diplomat also accused Israel of violating international law and the UN Charter through its “threats to use force against Iran’s critical infrastructure, including Iran’s peaceful nuclear facilities,” the news outlet reported. In accordance with international law, Tehran has a right to respond to any actions and threats by Israel, “wherever and whenever deemed necessary,” Tasnum quoted Iravani as saying. On Saturday night, an explosion occurred in Isfahan’s northern neighborhood at one of the military enterprises of the Iranian Defense Ministry, media reported. Mini-drones reportedly attacked an ammunition depot. No casualties were registered. The same night, an explosion and a subsequent fire occurred at an industrial oil production plant in the city of Azarshahr in northwestern Iran. The Wall Street Journal reported, citing US officials, that Israel was behind the drone attack. Similar assumptions were voiced by an Iranian official cited by the Arabian broadcaster.Original News :

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