March 21, 2023

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UK momentarily withdraws its ambassador from Tehran

TEHRAN- After Alireza Akbari was executed in Iran, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office summoned the British ambassador to Tehran for deliberations, according to the UK’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.

Iran executed Akbari, a dual Iranian-British national, who had been convicted of spying for Britain’s MI6. The report of his execution was announced on Saturday.

The Iranian Judiciary announced that Akbari, a former Iranian deputy defense minister, was sentenced to death and executed on charges of “corruption on Earth,” “threatening social and political well-being,” and “extensive actions against the country’s internal and external security through espionage for the British government’s intelligence agency”.

On Saturday night, Cleverly sent a tweet suggesting that London was contemplating its options in light of Akbari’s verdict.

In addition, Cleverly stated on Saturday that sanctions had been put on Iran’s prosecutor general following the execution of Akbari.

On Saturday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry also summoned Simon Shercliffe, the British ambassador in Tehran, in reaction to Britain’s unusual actions, notably in the area of Iran’s national security.

When criticizing Tehran for its alleged violations of human rights on Saturday, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak underlined once more that “Our response to Iran is not confined to today. We are considering more options.”

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