April 2, 2023

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Raisi given warm welcome by people of Yazd

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in the central province of Yazd as the second stop in the second round of provincial trips that started recently. 

The two-day visit started on Thursday morning and included several activities ranging from popular meetings to inaugurating industrial and construction projects. 

Upon his arrival, President Raisi was welcomed by the representative of the Supreme Leader and Friday Prayer Imam of the province, the Governor-General and a group of local officials.

“We hope that during this visit we will be able to understand the status quo on the issues of these regions by visiting the cities and villages,” Raisi said upon his arrival. “Before our visit to Yazd, various delegations were sent to this province and they collected different opinions about the problems of Yazd and the solutions to solve them, and we hope that with this information we can follow up on the concerns of the people of this province and solve them.”

In Yazd, Raisi visited the construction site of a huge and national project to transfer water from the Persian Gulf to Kerman and Yazd provinces. He issued the order to start the implementation of this great national project in the blessed name of H.H. Fatima Zahra (PBUH).

Speaking at a ceremony for the start of the implementation of the Persian Gulf water transmission line to Yazd and Kerman provinces, President Raisi called the presence of motivated managers with the will to use the rare capacities and very good facilities of the country in the path of progress very important and said, “The enemy was trying to make us stop this path, but they did not succeed and they themselves admit it, why? Because there are steely wills that are not willing to surrender in the battle of wills and stop on the path of the country’s progress”.

Raisi also addressed the people of Yazd who gathered in huge numbers at Amirchakhmaq Square. Thanking the people of Yazd province for their magnificent welcome to the Popular Administration, the President stated, “This welcome is a message of presence and support for the values of the Revolution and protection of the blood of the martyrs, as well as the announcement of presence to the Imam of the Muslims, Ayatollah Khamenei, that the people of Iran are always ready in the field”.

In another part of his speech, the President stated that despite all the economic pressures and heavy sanctions, the enemies have been defeated and economic growth and prosperity is going on in the country, according to the website of the Iranian presidency. 

Raisi added, “Those who do not want the country’s progress train to move, will bury this wish and they should know that the power and movement of the country’s progress train will increase day by day”.

He said, “These people neutralized the sanctions by resisting the enemies and their presence in the stage, and they made the enemy hopeless”.

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