March 21, 2023

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Operational stage of Gen. Soleimani satellite project launched

TEHRAN- The Iranian Space Agency has kick-started the operational phase of the country’s first satellite system project, named after anti-terror commander General Qassem Soleimani, the Agency’s director Hassan Salarieh announced on Sunday.

Salarieh broke the story on the Agency’s official website while detailing about the most recent implementation status of the General Soleimani project, which is a part of Iran’s continuing 10-year space program. 

“Based on the 10-year space program and in order to provide services to people, government institutions, and organizations as well as to provide services to private sector companies, the Iranian Space Agency has been tasked with placing a telecommunication satellite system in the Earth’s orbit,” Salarieh stated. 

“Implementation of the Martyr Soleimani Project is of tremendous importance because of the successes in the manufacture of satellite series and their network development,” he underlined.

“It is regarded to be the first satellite system project of our country,” he continued. 

He stated that the Space Agency had long before initiated the project’s operational plan and formalized the executive program of a narrowband telecommunication system with restricted service, even before the country’s 10-year space program was completed.

The execution phase of the Martyr Soleimani Project formally began less than a month after the 10-year space program’s approval, according to Salarieh. “This is one of the program’s most significant components.”

Salarieh praised the Agency’s efforts to create small satellites, noting, “It is axiomatic that, upon success in this phase, the route will be built to complete and develop satellite systems and provide additional services in the subsequent steps.”

In 2009, Iran launched its first satellite, Omid, then in 2011, Rasad was placed into orbit.

The Islamic Republic successfully launched Navid, its third homegrown satellite, into orbit in 2012.

Iran declared the successful launch of its first military satellite into orbit in April 2020. It also sent a second military satellite into orbit in March 2022.

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