March 25, 2023

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Iraqi PM expresses hope Iran, Saudi Arabia would resume Baghdad talks

TEHRAN – Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad al-Sudani has voiced hope that Iran and Saudi Arabia would soon resume talks in Baghdad over patching up their differences.

In an interview with the Arabic service of Frace 24, al-Sudani Iraq is determined to continue mediation between Tehran and Riyadh. 

“We felt the serious desire of Iran and Saudi Arabia for Iraq to continue its role of bringing the views of these two countries closer together. We are determined to play this role and we believe that this is the natural role of Iraq – a pioneering role in bringing together opposing points of view,” he said, according to Fars News. 

The Iraqi prime minister added, “Our calls continue. We hope to have a meeting soon and resume these discussions in Baghdad with the mediation of Iraq.”

He made the remarks during a visit to France. In an opinion piece for Le Monde before his trip to France, al-Sudani outlined the agenda of his government in various fields. In foreign policy, he reiterated Iraq’s desire to continue mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“Our government intends to be a major driving force in regional diplomacy and political tracks. This was clearly demonstrated in the Baghdad Conference 2, which was held with the support of President Macron in the Jordanian capital, Amman, recently; since we were keen on Iraq’s refusal to use its lands as a springboard to threaten neighboring countries, we demonstrated our rejection at the same time of any encroachments on our lands,” the Iraqi prime minister wrote, according to the official Iraqi News Agency (INA).

He added, “Iraq, through its distinguished relations with its regional surroundings, has become a meeting point for the disparate parties to meet, and it seeks to bridge the distances between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is based on our belief that the stability of the region is achieved by overcoming tensions.”

Al-Sudani continued, “We will continue our endeavors to bring closer together the points of view of Tehran and Riyadh, as we believe that dialogue and meetings are the only way to reach common ground, and until those understandings reach an advanced stage in the upcoming meetings and gatherings.”

Al-Sudani announced in mid-January the continuation of his country’s efforts to build bridges between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with the Arabic service of DW, al-Sudani revealed that Baghdad continues its efforts to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“Balanced relations between Iraq and neighboring countries according to the principle of mutual respect, common interests and non-interference in internal affairs is the best approach for us as a government,” he said. 

The prime minister added, “Bringing points of view closer between Iran and the countries of the region, including Saudi Arabia, is an approach that the government has followed and continues to follow, and it will contribute to easing tensions in the region, which will reflect on the security of Iraq and the region.”

Al-Sudani said, “We find a response from Iran and Saudi Arabia, and we are continuing with these attempts until we resume the meetings in Baghdad soon.”

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