March 25, 2023

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Iran’s Kanoon donates copyrights of 3 publications to Nicaragua

TEHRAN – Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults – Kanoon has donated the copyrights for the Spanish translation of three of its publications to Nicaragua.

“The Ice Who Loved the Sun”, “The Eleventh Step” and “Farewell, Old Raccoon” have previously been published in several languages.

The donation was made during Kanoon director Hamed Alamati’s meeting with three Nicaraguan officials; Minister of Youth Lucien Guevara, Minister of Family Johana Vanessa Flores Jiménez and Minister of Education Lilliam Esperanza Herrera, Kanoon announced on Sunday.

The meeting was organized on the sidelines of the First International Congress for Women of Influence held last Friday.

Written by Reza Mozuni, “The Ice that Fell in Love with the Sun” tells the story of a block of ice that falls in love with the sun. Even though day by day, the ice melts and loses life, it wants nothing more than to continue contemplating the sun. 

What this story teaches us is the transformational power of love. The ice, had not met its beloved, would have remained forever in its state. However, by doing so, its love will lead it to lose its current condition and transform it into something else, rather than die, because love is what makes our souls reach eternity.

The El Faro International Publishing House in the Colombian capital of Bogota has previously published the book under the title “El Hielo que se Enamoró Del Sol”.

“The Eleventh Step” is about a lion cub that never dared to take one more step toward its freedom when the zookeeper forgot to lock the door on its cage.

Written by Susan Taqdis, the story was changed into an animated movie by the same title directed by Maryam Kashkulinia. It was produced at Kanoon.

The Tehran-based French writer and illustrator Claire Jobert (Joubert) is the author of “Farewell, Old Raccoon”.

The story follows Tak, a rabbit that does not want to be born. His 6 sisters and brothers have already been born, but he is still in his mother’s womb. 

The old wise raccoon helps him be born. The old raccoon becomes his best friend and he asks him all his questions. The spring and summer pass and Tak is growing up, but the old raccoon grows older. He feels he will be dying soon, therefore he tells Tak about it.

Photo: A combination photo shows the front covers of the publications whose copyrights were donated by Kanoon to Nicaragua. 


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